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Six powerful food interventions that help you regain your health if you have cancer

by , 07 April 2015

Cancer is a term used to describe a group of more than 100 different diseases.

This not only makes it hard to treat, it makes it hard to prevent too.

The evidence of that comes in the fact that every year, 14 million people around the world learn they have cancer.

If you're one of them, today we're sharing some general guidelines from Master FaXiang Hou, a certified and highly accomplished Master of Medical QiGong and traditional Chinese medicine, to help your regain your health.

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Six ways to eat your way to good health when you’re fighting cancer

1. Studies suggest that foods containing large amounts of fibre and certain nutrients help protect us against some types of cancer. You may be able to reduce your cancer risk by making some simple food choices. Try to have a varied, well-balanced diet that includes generous amounts of foods that are high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, especially vegetables, fruits, and other plain foods.
2. Cut down on fatty foods. You should eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Choose more whole-grain breads and cereals, and cut down on eggs, high-fat meat, high-fat dairy products (such as whole milk, butter, and most cheeses), salad dressings, margarine, and cooking oils.
3. Eating well means getting enough calories and protein to help prevent weight loss and regain strength. Patients who eat well during cancer treatment often feel better and have more energy. In addition, they may be better able to handle the side effects of treatment.
4. Do not drink alcohol. If you drink at all, do so in moderation — not more than one or two drinks a day.
5. Try to avoid pungent foods like ginger, garlic, hot pepper, chives, and some seafood like yellow fish, crab, and shrimp. These foods are believed to cause further deterioration.
6. Try to eat organic foods. Many cancers may be the result of chemical substances in foods.
For more smart ways to eat your way to good health, check out Master FaXiang Hou’s Power of Food book here. 

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Six powerful food interventions that help you regain your health if you have cancer
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