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“Sitting is the new smoking”, warns Forbes Magazine!

by , 08 July 2014

If you thought smoking was the biggest danger when it comes to cancer think again.

Researchers in Germany looked at 43 different studies of nearly 70,000 cancer cases. They found that people who watch the most TV and did no exercise raised their risk of cancer by 50% to 60%.

For every two hours that you spend sitting down, your risk rises by 10%.

This study found that the connection between sitting and cancer existed independent of physical activity. There's something fundamentally dangerous about sitting down for too long.

Read on to discover why….


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Sitting for long periods of time is very much a 21st Century problem
The risk remains the same even for “active couch potatoes”. Those of you who squeeze in some time at the gym, but still spend most of your day off your feet. This suggests that regular exercise can’t offset the risks of too much sitting.
You see enzyme changes occur in your muscles when you sit and this leads to the cells in your body not getting good blood flow and so your cells become damaged. This could lead to possible cancer and other illnesses taking over your body.
So how can you reduce your sitting time?
·         Set yourself reminders on your computer or cell phone to get up and walk around every 60 minutes.
·         Walk over to your colleagues rather than emailing or phoning them.
·         Try not to eat at your desk: Take your lunch on a walk or eat standing.
·         Park far away from the entrance of your office or of the shopping mall.
·         Take an evening walk after dinner.
·         Don’t watch back-to-back episodes of your favourite TV show.
·         When you’re on the phone, walk around.
·         If you don’t yet have an exercise routine, start one.

My grandmother always said to me, “Sit for the standing that’s coming”. Now I think she would say, “Stand for the sitting that’s coming.”

Movement is your most powerful weapon to staying healthy!
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“Sitting is the new smoking”, warns Forbes Magazine!
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