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Sitting at your desk all day could result in an increased risk for cancer

by , 25 February 2013

When it comes to preventing cancer, everyone knows the basics: You need to eat right, quit smoking and get checked out if you find a strange growth anywhere on your body. But now, a new study unveils a surprising new health risk behind chronic diseases like cancer: Sitting. According to findings from a study by Australia and Kansas State University, the more you sit each day, the greater your risk for developing chronic health problems, such as cancer, will be. Here's why you need to get up and moving to prevent and treat cancer.

According to the study, which looked at 63,000 between the ages of 45 and 65, “men who sat for four hours or less daily were much less likely to have a chronic condition – such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure - than those who sat for more than four hours each day,” reports Health24.

That’s pretty worrying if you consider many of us are required to spend more than eight hours sitting behind a desk every day at work.

Exercise has been shown to decrease the risk for certain cancers and other serious illnesses. In fact, the effects can be so significant, keeping active can cut the risk of breast and colon cancer recurring by up to 50%, says Dr Jonathan Wright, the natural health guru behind Nutrition and Healing.

Three reasons why exercise for cancer patients is so crucial

According to The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog, exercising is good for cancer patients because it:

  1. Increases energy levels. This is vital for helping cancer patients undergoing draining treatments like chemotherapy feel better.
  2. Improves patients’ appetites. “Malnutrition and dehydration are common concerns among cancer patients. […] Regular exercise can significantly improve appetite, which greatly reduces the risks of malnutrition” explains the blog.
  3. Improves overall body function. “Regular workouts can help keep the body in better working condition by regulating blood pressure, relieving pain and improving muscle, bone and joint function. These benefits will improve the chances of remission as well as decrease the risk of other illnesses,” says the site.

The sad fact is that while numerous studies have shown that exercise adds major benefits to cancer therapy, few doctors discuss the benefits with their patients,” says Dr Wright. So if you’re looking for a great way to boost your health, prevent cancer or help you manage your cancer treatment better, get moving today.

So what are you waiting for? A few minutes spent doing yoga, walking or weight training can significantly improve your life – whether you have cancer or not.

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Sitting at your desk all day could result in an increased risk for cancer
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