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Selenium beats prostate cancer - cold!

by , 29 May 2013

Selenium is a proven cancer-beater and new research confirms it's especially powerful when it comes to protecting against aggressive prostate tumours.

According to the study of more than 2,000 men, this trace mineral can actually slash your risk of potentially deadly stage III and IV prostate tumours by as much as 63%.  

The problem is, it’s not always possible or practical to get enough selenium from your food. That's because the selenium content of food depends on the selenium content of the soil in which it’s grown.

And because the selenium content of soil can vary dramatically from region to region, there’s no consistent way to make sure your food has enough of it.

That’s where your multivitamin comes in. Make sure the one you choose contains selenium - ideally in the form of seleno-methionine.

But don't stock up on selenium supplements unless your doctor tells you to. It’s a trace mineral, so you only need very small amounts of it and it is possible to get too much if you supplement.

Newly discovered secret tumour triggers...

Scientists have uncovered new clues about the causes of prostate cancer, but this urgent information hasn't reached patients yet! But from today, you could be avoiding them or blocking their effects:
  • Does testosterone cause prostate cancer? Experts now think high levels of the female hormone oestradiol may trigger prostate tumours. And something you do everyday could be raising your levels.
  • What about vasectomies? At least one study suggests they raise your risk. If you've had one, play it safe and take this precaution...
  • Is there any connection to food? Watch out for these! If you have been eating them, not to worry - find out how to "detox" your system.
Whether you have prostate cancer or want to prevent it, this programme could save your life! Read more here...

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Selenium beats prostate cancer - cold!
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