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Seaweed lowers cancer risk - so eat some sushi!

by , 16 August 2013

As if you really needed another reason to eat sushi! This delicious Japanese dish is the Western diet's only source of Japanese seaweed. And seaweed is a highly nutritious food that can be delicious too. Read on to find out more about the health benefits of seaweed....

Seaweed is the most popular superfood right now. This wonder food has many health benefits, such as lowering cancer risk.

Japanese people eat about four grams of seaweed a day – they add it to almost every meal.

But the average South African person only eats seaweed on sushi night. In fact, doctors theorise that the strangely high amount of seaweed in the Japanese diet explains why they live so much longer than their Western counterparts.

And the reason could be found in new research about seaweed and cancer

Seaweed lowers cancer risk…

Seaweed is a high source of iodine, a nutrient that's barely anywhere else in the plant world, according to Health.com. Iodine keeps your thyroid healthy and makes sure that your hormones work perfectly to keep you healthy.
New research also suggests that eating enough seaweed daily regulates estrogen and estradiol levels. These two hormones are crucial to control if you want to reduce your risk of breast cancer.
Seaweed is healthy, but also incredibly potent when it comes to mineral content. A tablespoon of seaweed has the equivalent potassium of 50 bananas!

But don’t eat bowls of seaweed every day to reap these benefits! All you needs is two tablespoons of seaweed once a week. Otherwise, you might put unnecessary stress on your kidneys.

So next time you feel guilty about indulging in a nice big plate of sushi –don’t! Consider it good advice from the medical world!

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Seaweed lowers cancer risk - so eat some sushi!
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