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Save your life! Learn to recognise the ten common cancer warning signs that 98% of people ignore!

by , 30 April 2015

A new British study has found that only 2% of people associate the possibility of cancer with the most common potential cancer signs.

Signs so obscure, we often chalk them up as “I'm coming down with something.” I'm talking about things like an unexplained cough, a significant change in bladder activity, or not feeling hungry.

Are you too guilty of this?

Read on to find out about the most commonly ignored potential cancer signs you simply mustn't think nothing of. Doing so could save your life…

New study finds that 98% of people ignore widely-publicised potential cancer signs

The study took place in the United Kingdom and  involved 1,700 people aged 50 and older. 
Each participant completed a health questionnaire. The document listed 17 symptoms, ten of which are widely publicised possible cancer symptoms. The symptoms included an unexplained cough, abnormal bleeding, and significant changes in bowel or bladder activity. 
The results were interesting…
Researchers reviewed the questionnaires to find that 53% of participants said they’d experienced at least one of the potential cancer symptoms in the previous three months.
A whopping 98% of these participants said that they didn’t think cancer could be a cause of these symptoms. Only 2% suspected the possibility of cancer.

Another study uncovered that many people ignore even the most alarming potential cancer signs

The journal PLOS One published a study last December that shed some light on what people generally suspect as potential signs of cancer. The study uncovered that many people only associate symptoms like infection, cysts and haemorrhoids with the deadly disease. 
What was even more worrying was that barely any participants attributed warning signs like unexplained lumps or changes to the appearance of a mole to cancer.
And that’s why we’re urging you not to ignore the following:
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I admit I was downright shocked when I found out that cancer isn't actually what kills most cancer patients! And I've been a doctor for well over 20 years - so not much surprises me anymore.
Even more astounding - this monumental discovery goes back to the 1970s when former US Air Force Dr Joseph Gold uncovered the REAL killer, a condition that no one in the medical field was even talking about!
That's right - the real culprit behind 3 out of every 4 cancer deaths isn't cancer at all. No! It's a syndrome you've probably never even heard of - called cachexia (pronounced "ka-kek-see-ah").

Don’t brush off these warning signs as, “nothing!” They could be cancer!

The Irish Cancer Society recommends you consult your doctor if you have one or more of the following symptoms:
New lumps or growths on your skin
A sore or bruise that doesn’t heal
A mole that changes in shape, size or colour
An ongoing cough or hoarseness 
Indigestion or difficulty swallowing
A change in bowel or bladder habits for no good reason
Shortness of breath
Loss of appetite
Unexplained weight loss
Abnormal bleeding (for example: in urine or bowel motions, or from spitting)
While they say there’s a good chance it’s nothing serious, it’s best to play it safe.
As Dr Katriina Whitaker, senior researcher at University College London, argues: “Most people with potential warning signs don’t have cancer, but some will and others may have diseases that would benefit from early attention,” she explained in a Cancer Research UK news release.

Diagnosing cancer early saves lives – so don’t ignore possible warning signs!

Sara Hiom, director of early diagnosis at Cancer Research UK, explains that diagnosing cancer early saves lives because it gives patients a better chance that treatments will be successful.
“That’s why it’s important that these symptoms are checked out, especially if they don’t go away. But people could delay seeing a doctor if they don’t acknowledge cancer as a possible cause,” Whitaker added.
If you’re experiencing any of the potential cancer symptoms I’ve mentioned in this article, get your doctor to check you over as soon as possible. Although they may not seem serious, there’s a possibility they’re early alarm bells. Don’t be naïve.
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Save your life! Learn to recognise the ten common cancer warning signs that 98% of people ignore!
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