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Revealed: The carcinogens you expose yourself to every time you apply lipstick

by , 03 May 2013

Some women are putting lead, chromium, cadmium and other toxic metals on their lips each day. Chances are you're part of this dangerous pack. But these aren't thrill-seekers - they're everyday women who wear lipstick and lipgloss. That's right, according to the latest research, you're safer off keeping your lips bare! Here's why…

Most of us do all we can to avoid known cancer-causing substances or carcinogens.
The list of carcinogens you’re exposed to on a daily basis is endless, including phthalates that’re found in nail polish, says FSP Health
Now, you can add lipstick to the ‘harmful beauty product’ list.
Because researchers at the University of California-Berkeley's School of Public Health have tested 32 commonly sold lipsticks and lip glosses and found that they contain potentially toxic levels of lead, aluminium and other metals, says USAToday
Wondering why this is bad for you, if lipstick stays on the surface? 
Because most lipstick DOESN’T stay on the surface.
It rubs off your lips and gets ingested or absorbed.
That’s worrying if you factor in the high chromium levels found in some lipsticks, as chromium is a carcinogen linked to lung cancer and stomach tumours from inhaling or swallowing it, says CBSNews
It’s even worse if you’re pregnant, as the metals found in lipsticks can cause neurological and cognitive problems for the developing foetus, adds CBSNews
Two ways to keep your lips a pretty pink and limit your exposure to carcinogens 
Still addicted to adding a bit of colour and shine to your lips?
Remember to blot the lipstick after applying to reduce exposure to these carcinogens.
Or you could skip the lipstick and lip gloss entirely and add a natural flush to your lips – and cheeks!
All you need to do is get regular exercise.
Because this helps keep your blood pumping through your body, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells of all your organs, including your skin. 
And keeping your complexion and lips well-nourished on a cellular level is one of the most fundamental steps to maintaining a healthy, rosy colour, says eHow.
It’ll result in a flush that looks natural, and doesn’t harm your health.

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Revealed: The carcinogens you expose yourself to every time you apply lipstick
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