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Revealed: The amazing vegetable that'll give you the upper hand in your battle against cancer

by , 14 January 2014

Imagine a super vegetable that can help your body in the fight against cancer. Or, simply provide you with preventative healthcare… Well, you don't have to imagine any longer. Today we reveal the one green vegetable essential to keeping your body toxins free and healthy.

The one green vegetable that most people turn up their noses to is proving to be an amazing vegetable that helps your body to keep toxin and cancer free!
And that vegetable is broccoli!
Broccoli has a bad reputation, but changing this could help in your battle against cancer
Packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids, phytonutrients, vitamin A, D and K, broccoli should really be part of every household’s staple food list! 
So how does broccoli help us prevent and treat cancer?
In all cancers, doctors believe that the inflammatory process within the body produces toxic side effects. This allows cancerous cells to grow and thrive. 
This is where broccoli comes in…
Firstly, Omega-3’s and phytonutrients are released to fight the inflammation.
Secondly, it contains antioxidants in the form of vitamin C.
And thirdly, the substances glucosinolates, which you’ll find in their highest concentration in broccoli, detox the cells. 
This triad of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and detox abilities are unique to broccoli. And it’s the reason why it’s our #1 super cancer fighting food. 
To get the benefits of broccolis cancer fighting abilities eat at least two cups four to five times a week
Don’t be shy to eat broccoli four or five times a week! At only 100 calories per two cups, you can really maximise your intake of its health benefits 

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Revealed: The amazing vegetable that'll give you the upper hand in your battle against cancer
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