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Revealed: Cancer can be cured if detected early in children!

by , 22 January 2013

75% of cancer in children can be cured if found early! That’s the finding of a recent study into the causes of childhood cancer that’s setting the medical community buzzing. Don’t let cancer be your child’s death sentence, read on to discover how early detection is saving children’s lives.

Research led by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists has identified a possible lead in treatment of two forms of leukaemia in children linked to dramatic loss of chromosomes and poor treatment outcomes.
The findings also provide the first evidence of the genetic basis for this high-risk leukaemia. 
The study proves these tumours are distinguished by the number of chromosomes lost and the type of genetic alterations that result. 
Here’s why we need to increase cancer awareness and screening for children
In other breaking news, about 75% of cancer in children can be cured when detected early, according to Dr Lorna Awo Renner in an article on SPYGhana.
Unfortunately, she admitted, that due to financial constraints, coupled with the lack of cancer awareness and limited access to health services, many children lose their lives to the disease.
“Screening helps save lives by finding cancers much earlier, when the odds of a cure are greatest,” added Linda Holmfeldt PhD, a St. Jude postdoctoral fellow, in an article by ScienceDaily.
Researchers are now testing the effectiveness of drugs based on the genetic finding in mouse models. 

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Revealed: Cancer can be cured if detected early in children!
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