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Researchers discover aspirin may help prevent cancer of the pancreas…

by , 29 June 2014

With the survival rate for pancreatic cancer being less than 5%, researchers are desperate to find a way to prevent this deadly disease.

Recently, researchers at Yale University ran a study that suggests low-dose aspirin could reduce your risk for pancreatic cancer.

Here are the details of the study…

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Long-term use of low-dose aspirin could reduce your risk for pancreatic tumours by 60%

Previous results of studies involving aspirin to help prevent cancer of the pancreas weren’t clear. This because they involved regular or high-doses of aspirin.

But a few years back, doctors started recommending low-dose aspirin to prevent heart disease. So researchers now had a big enough base of people taking low-dose aspirin to conduct a new study for cancer of the pancreas.  

They interviewed over 360 pancreatic cancer patients and 690 controls to establish their use of aspirin. Turns out 96% of the participants took low-dose aspirin (75mg-325mg per day). 

Results showed the longer a person takes low-dose aspirin regularly, the lower their risk for cancer of the pancreas.

Participants taking low-dose aspirin for three years before the study, had 48% less risk of developing pancreatic tumours. Those who had taken aspirin for 20 years, had 60% less risk for pancreatic cancer. Those who stopped taking low-dose aspirin within two years of the study were three times more at risk for cancer of the pancreas than if they’d continued taking the drug.

If you’re at risk for pancreatic cancer, low-dose aspirin may offer you some protection

The researchers said more studies are needed to confirm this one. And, scientists are also working on a vaccine that could help prevent cancer of the pancreas.

But until then, if you’re a smoker, overweight, diabetic, have a family history of pancreatic disease or cancer, or suffer from pancreas disease yourself, low-dose aspirin may help keep pancreatic cancer away. Speak to your doctor about whether this is an option for you. 

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Researchers discover aspirin may help prevent cancer of the pancreas…
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