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Remove these six cancer-causers from your home NOW!

by , 06 May 2015

This just in: Due to poor government regulation, many of South Africa's favourite cleaning products contain “everyday” carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). And it's not just cleaning products. There are a host of other products you can avoid using to ensure your home is a cancer-free zone.

If you're looking to decrease your cancer risk, consider detoxing your home so that it's free of all such products. Below, I've compiled a list of the top six you need to get rid of right now.

Warning: These six products are putting you at risk of cancer!

#1: Air fresheners

Most air fresheners contain napthelene and formaldehyde (both cancer-causing agents). Some studies have also shown that incense could also be a cancer threat. Try zeolite or natural essential oils to fill the rooms of your home with a delightful scent – without the risk of cancer. 

#2: Art supplies

Epoxy, rubber cement glues, acrylic paints, solvents and permanent market all contain carcinogens. If you’re the arty kind, store all of your supplies in a drawer or cabinet. When using them, wear a non-surgical face mask to reduce the amount fumes you inhale from these products.

#3: Automotive supplies

Most are toxic, so make sure you keep them safely away from your house. Also, make sure you dump your automotive supplies at a hazardous waste disposal centre. 
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#4: Fragranced candles 

Avoid artificially scented paraffin candles at all costs. They produce combustion by-products including soot (black power that forms when you burn something). Instead, opt for non-fragranced or beeswax candles and make sure they have cotton wicks.

#5: Carpet shampoos

There are a number of ways you can clean your carpets yourself that are just as quick and easy as a spray-on foam. However, make sure you use wet-clean, natural ingredients only.

#6: Dry cleaning

If possible, don’t buy clothes that require dry cleaning. If you can’t avoid this, then ask your local dry clean for the wet-cleaning option. Otherwise, seek dry cleaners that use liquid C02 or citrus juice cleaners. 
Have any of the above-mentioned products in your home? If so, I suggest you remove them and replace them with a healthy alternative. 
And check out this report as well. It contains information about even more cancer-causing agents that are poisoning your body and your home.  

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Remove these six cancer-causers from your home NOW!
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