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Reduce your cancer risk with these six cancer-fighting foods

by , 15 July 2013

According to a report by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research, the number of people with cancer worldwide will double by 2030. Although this is the case, “researchers acknowledged that diet and lifestyle play major roles in the development of cancer,” says FSPHealth. Read on to discover six foods with cancer-fighting properties that you should be eating.

Cancer is the number one health condition people fear the most and while it’s believed to be uncontrollable, there’s evidence that suggests the contrary. The role of nutrition in the prevention of cancer has been studied for many years and super foods may help to prevent cancer and improve your well-being,” says Carla Pinto in the book, Superfoods for the Healthy New You.

Slash your cancer risk with these six cancer fighting foods

Cancer Fighter #1: Tomatoes contain the phytochemical Lycopene, which is being studied for its role in reducing the risk for prostate cancer.

Cancer Fighter #2: Berries contain phytochemicals that have been shown to help fight the development of cancer. These phytochemicals trigger antioxidant reactions that neutralise damage that free radicals do to cells.

Cancer Fighter #3: Red wine contains two polyphenols – catechins and resveratrol, both of which provide cancer protection by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Cancer Fighter #4: Broccoli contains a chemical that has been found to slow down the progression of cancer cells, especially hormone-sensitive cancers such as breast and ovarian cancer.

Cancer Fighter #5: Garlic. Several studies already support the theory that garlic can reduce the risk of cancer and more studies are underway to explore exactly how garlic functions in cancer protection.

Cancer Fighter #6: Several legumes are great sources of fibre, which has been proven to help reduce inflammation in the colon and has been associated with prevention of colon cancer

Well, there you have it. Adding these foods in your diet could help you lower your risk of cancer. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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Reduce your cancer risk with these six cancer-fighting foods
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