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Reduce your cancer risk using these 12 steps

by , 17 December 2013

Why wait until you are diagnosed with a chronic disease to start changing your lifestyle? What if we could provide you with 12 simple changes you could make in your own life today? You could dramatically reduce your risk of developing life threatening cancers by applying these small changes to the way you live…

Chances are you know more than one person who has beaten cancer, has recently been diagnosed with cancer or who has died as a result of cancer. The devastating reality is that the way you live your life is the biggest deciding factor as to whether you develop cancer or not. 
But there is hope…
Follow these 12 steps to reduce your risk of developing cancer
Here are 12 small changes you can make in your life starting today! You can dramatically reduce your risk of developing cancer if you undertake to change the following in your life:
1. Eat as much of your food as you can in its most natural form. Avoid frying your food, rather steam or boil when you’re cooking. 
2. Avoid processed carbs and refined sugars. Go for natural forms and whole grains.
3. Reduce your protein intake and replace with good fats. Eat organic eggs and avos.
4. Stay away from genetically modified foods and only eat organically grown fresh produce.
5. Get your Omega-3 oils from oily fish like salmon and tuna instead of from processed vegetable oil.
6. Eat natural probiotic foods like yoghurt to keep your gut healthy.
7. Exercise keeps your insulin levels low and keeps sugars in your blood at low levels. 
8. 20 minutes of sunlight a day could reduce your risk of cancer. Vitamin D is a natural cancer fighting agent.
9. You need to get enough sleep every night. Your body needs the time to process and if you’re not allowing your body to rest, you’re adding unnecessary stress.
10. Reduce your exposure to toxins and chemicals. Use gloves when working with chemicals; even household cleaners can be harmful to you and cancer causing.
11. Give yourself a break from radiation. Any appliance that uses radio waves for transmission could be harmful to you. Leave your cell phone on the table near you and not in your pocket. Stand away from the microwave when warming your food.
12. De stress your life and fight cancer. The hormones that are released in your body as a reaction to stress could influence your well-being 
Make these changes today and reduce your risk of cancer
As you can see, just by changing 12 of your habits, you could dramatically reduce your risk of developing cancer.
Don’t wait until you hear the frightful diagnosis, change your lifestyle today. 

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Reduce your cancer risk using these 12 steps
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