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Red, juicy strawberries prove to be a powerful cancer killer

by , 08 January 2014

Mother Nature continues to give us means of fighting dreaded diseases, and the variety of foods you can eat that aid in your fight against cancer is growing. Now you can add delicious, red and juicy strawberries to your list. Here's how eating strawberries can kill off cancer.

When you’re fighting against cancer, you’re likely to be looking for any way to help your body win the fight. And if you’re like most, you’re trying to find more natural ways of helping your body. 
So, imagine eating something that is actually able to kill off cancerous cells… Causing the cells to die!
The power of strawberries and their ability to kill cancer cells discovered!
Special compounds in berries, and especially strawberries, have the ability to kill off cancerous cells says the National Institute of Health (NIH).
Strawberries are rich in Phytonutrients, and there are a variety of foods that may have one or more of the nutrients that strawberries contain. You can pair up any of the foods in each group to give you the cancer blasting effects of strawberries. 
Try eating a variety of the foods in each group to start your fight against cancer
Group 1.
· Tomatoes
· Watermelon
· Pink grapefruit
Group 2.
· Spinach 
· Kale
Group 3.
· Raspberries
· Pomegranates
Group 4.
· Apples 
· Berries
· Grapes
· Onions
And if you’ve got strawberries at home eat as many as you like to kick start your body into a cancer fighting machine 
Researchers for the NIH have found that the more you eat, the more chance of you winning the fight against cancer. And there was no evidence of toxicity for eating large amounts of the fruit!
So go ahead and eat strawberries at all times of the day to give your body the upper hand in winning the fight against cancer!

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Red, juicy strawberries prove to be a powerful cancer killer
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