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Read Chris' story to discover how he's cancer-free without undergoing a minute of chemo

by , 22 October 2014

At 26, Chris Wrak's doctor told him he had stage three colon cancer. His tumour had grown so large it was digging itself deep into the tissues in his gut and was on the brink of spreading to other tissues in his body.

His doctor gave him one treatment option: Surgery and then chemo. But he couldn't promise it would be the end of his cancer struggle.

Chris said yes to surgery - which left him with 2/3 of his colon - but he said he didn't want chemo.

Instead, he was going to conquer cancer chemo-free.

And it worked!

Here's what Chris did. And why, ten years later, he's healthy and completely cancer-free.

Eat the right foods to boost your health and beat cancer – it’s what Chris did

At the age of 36, Chris still has his whole life ahead of him. And while his late 20s involved surgery, plenty doctors appointments and 100% focus on health, he’s made it through and has come out cancer-free on the other side.
When he refused chemo after his surgery, his doctors weren’t sure it was a good idea.
After all, they’d just take out a huge chunk of his gut because of a cancer infestation! How could they be sure there weren’t other cells lurking behind, waiting for the opportunity to start a fresh tumour?
But Chris was well prepared. After looking at alternatives to chemo, he decided he would feed his body to ensure the cancer didn’t come back.
And that’s what he did.
At lunch and dinner, he ate as many nutritious foods in each meal as he could. He ended up eating the same – what he calls – gigantic cancer-fighting salad every day.
But he says he never once got bored of it because of the different ingredients that make it a tasty, energy- and health-boosting meal that puts cancer right in its place – somewhere other than his body!
Here’s how he prepared his cancer-fighting salad…
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Add these ingredients together to beat cancer with every meal

Buy all your ingredients from organic or whole-food stores where you can.
Be sure to wash every ingredient thoroughly before you eat it in its most natural form.
·         Use kale and spinach leaves as your base (but don’t eat more than ten cups a day).
·         Add broccoli florets.
·         Add broccoli sprouts (but don’t eat more than four cups a day).
·         Add cauliflower florets.
·         Add purple cabbage.
·         Add a thick slice of red or yellow onion.
·         Add chopped leeks.
·         Add artichokes.
·         Slice and add red, yellow, or green peppers.
·         Add bella, cremini, shiitake, etc. mushrooms.
·         Add half an avo.
·         Add fresh squash.
·         Add slices of zucchini.
·         Throw in a couple spoons of raw sunflower seeds.
·         Add a small handful of almonds.
·         Add your own sprouted garbanzo and mung beans.
·         Sprout your own red and green lentils and add them too.
Don’t even think about adding shop bought dressing to this healthy salad! Make your own…
Put organic extra virgin olive oil over your salad, drizzle organic (cloudy) apple cider vinegar over the top and mix.
You’re not done yet!
Don’t forget to add these four cancer-fighting herbs to your salad too!
1.    Oregano
2.    Garlic powder
3.    Turmeric
4.    Cayenne pepper
Top with a couple spoons of organic sauerkraut – a fermented food that boosts your gut health – and that’s that!
If you end up with too much, simply put the rest in a glass bowl in the fridge for the next meal.
Also, if you can’t get your hands on all the ingredients all of the time, choose as many as you can or replace them with others.
There are only two rules Chris says you can’t default on when you’re beating cancer with food.
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Don’t break these two rules or you’ll struggle to beat your cancer naturally

Rule #1: No meat, cheese or other types of processed foods
Don’t ruin your health even further by adding cancer-causing foods to your diet.
Even cheese can upset the healthy balance of your system and cause inflammation.
Rule #2: Keep fruit away from your veggies
Any food that contains seeds is a fruit so you can’t add tomatoes or cucumber to your salad.
The reason is you digest fruit and vegetables using different enzymes. Eating them together causes an increase in acid production that could then cause indigestion and stop your body from healing itself.
Now that you know how to heal your body with food, give it a try!

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Read Chris' story to discover how he's cancer-free without undergoing a minute of chemo
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