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Prostate cancer myth debunked: It's NOT an “old man's disease”

by , 01 April 2015

Think prostate cancer is something only your dad's at risk of? Think again.

Since prostate cancer is most prevalent in men who are 65 and older, it's easy to see it as “an old man's disease.”

But thinking this way could be YOUR undoing, warns Dr Troy Sukkarieh, a board-certified urologic surgeon in the US.

This because the number of younger men diagnosed with prostate cancer has increased nearly six-fold in the last 20 years. Even worse, studies show it's far more aggressive if you get it young.

So if you're below the age of 65, drop everything and read this!


Warning: Prostate cancer in younger men is more aggressive, and therefore more life-threatening!

As Dr Sukkarieh explains: “Historically, prostate cancer has affected mostly men in their 70s or 80s, and their cancers have been slow-growing. In fact, many older men diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer eventually die from other causes.” 
That’s not the case for prostate cancer in younger men.
“Early onset prostate cancer tends to be aggressive, striking down men in the prime of their life. These fast-growing tumors in young men might be entirely missed by screening because the timeframe is short before they start to show clinical symptoms,” says Dr Kathleen A. Cooney, professor of internal medicine and urology at the University of Michigan.
Add to this that fact that young men don’t routinely undergo prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and rectal exams like you’re told to do after 55 and, by the time doctors discover you have it, it’s often already progressed late-stage cancer.
So what can you do to stay safe?
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Find out if you’re at risk of prostate cancer –it’s the best way to protect your life

The most important thing young men need to know is that prostate cancer runs in the family. 
That’s important because new analysis, which appears in Nature Reviews: Urology, found that “men with early onset prostate cancer had more genetic variants than men diagnosed with prostate cancer at a later age. The researchers suggest that genetic counselling or increased surveillance in younger men with a family history of prostate cancer may be warranted.”
And that’s why today we’re issuing this crucial men’s health warning. 
If you know your prostate risk is high (you’re either genetically predisposed or have other risk factors like you smoke, don't exercise much, eat lots of red meat and have a high calcium intake), schedule a PSA exam with your doctor today!
After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And since prostate cancer in early stages moves quite slowly, this minor test could save your life. 
PS: Worried cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's are in your genes?
Over the past 25 years, SA’s leading anti-ageing specialist, Dr Craige Golding, has defied science and successfully treated over 20,000 patients who thought the same. 

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Prostate cancer myth debunked: It's NOT an “old man's disease”
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