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Prevent the reoccurrence of prostate cancer with fish oil

by , 09 December 2013

Every man who's beaten prostate cancer will tell you they NEVER want to go through it again. And now they may not ever have to... A new study by a leading UCLA scientist is turning heads all across the cancer community.

It highlighted the way to preventing prostate cancer from ever coming back: Taking a daily fish oil supplement.

The easiest prostate cancer treatment you can rely on…
The study featured in the prestigious journal, Cancer Prevention Research described how the researchers asked a group of men to take fish oil supplements four to six weeks before they had prostate cancer surgery to remove their prostates. 

The results: The fish oil combined with a low-fat diet reduced inflammation markers and cell cycle progression (CCP) scores. Cell cycle progression scores predict the likelihood of cancer returning so if you have had cancer, it’s a number you’ll be watching closely.
If these are the results of taking fish oil for four to six weeks before prostate cancer surgery, I think it’s safe to assume fish oil can continue to help keep your cancer permanently away after the surgery too.

And the best part is fish oil has many more other benefits too. It helps fight diabetes, arthritis, other cancers and it helps improve muscle strength.
Plus, I have to add that if this is what fish oil can do for people already diagnosed with prostate cancer; imagine what it can do to help prevent prostate cancer! 

Taking fish oil is a no-brainer to help prevent prostate cancer and keep it away for good. Speak to your doctor about adding two to three tablespoons of fish oil per day into your supplement regime. Choose a formulation that includes extra vitamin E in the form of mixed tocopherols to prevent the fish oil from oxidising in the body.

Fish Oil May Favorably Alter Biology of Prostate Cancer: (medscape.com)

Newly discovered secret tumour triggers...
By Carla Pinto

Scientists have uncovered new clues about the causes of prostate cancer, but this urgent information hasn't reached patients yet! But from today, you could be avoiding them or blocking their effects:

Does testosterone cause prostate cancer? Experts now think high levels of the female hormone oestradiol may trigger prostate tumours. And something you do every day could be raising your levels. 
What about vasectomies? At least one study suggests they raise your risk. If you've had one, play it safe and take this precaution... 
Is there any connection to food? Watch out for these! If you have been eating them, not to worry - find out how to "detox" your system.
Whether you have prostate cancer or want to prevent it, this programme could save your life! Read more here...

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Prevent the reoccurrence of prostate cancer with fish oil
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