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Prevent breast cancer by avoiding constipation

by , 27 March 2015

Constipation isn't something you want to talk about. But it's an important subject that could mean a world of difference to your overall health.


A few years ago, a group of British researchers did a comparison study of severely constipated women, who had bowel movements approximately once a week, vs. women who had daily movements and didn't suffer from constipation at all.

Because they wanted to see whether there was a connection between constipation and cancer, study volunteers had their breasts compressed sufficiently to squeeze out a few drops of fluid, which scientists then examined under a microscope.

What they found was surprising!

Those who suffered from severe constipation had many more ‘atypical' and ‘pre-cancerous' cells in their breast fluid than the women who didn't. All of which put them at higher risk of breast cancer.

Here's why…

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Gas? Bloating? Constipation? Heartburn? Diarrhoea? 
Why suffer when you don’t have to?

What does constipation have to do with breast cancer? Apparently, everything

The concept of bowel endotoxemia has been around for a long time. 
And the theory behind it, quite logically, states that waste products aren’t good for human cells.
Your body must get rid of them every day, rather than retaining them internally and giving more time to absorb back into the body. 
And once your body reabsorbs these toxins, then enter your bloodstream and can be distributed anywhere, including your breasts, where they can cause ‘atypical’ and ‘precancerous’ changes. 
If you suffer from constipation, you’re likely reabsorbing more toxins than your liver and other detoxifying organs can handle on a daily basis. 
And that’s why it’s important to correct it. 

Don’t take a laxative to prevent breast cancer! Solve it with these natural constipation treatments

Increase your dietary fibre intake: 
One of the most widespread causes of constipation is insufficient fibre in the diet. Get more of it by eating foods like carrots, beans and whole grains. Also oat bran, wheat bran and psyllium.
Get more essential fatty acids 
These relieve your constipation because they’re the precursor material to hormones called prostaglandins, which help regulate bowel function. 
Now you know: Solving constipation isn’t only guaranteed to make you feel better, it could help you prevent serious illnesses like breast cancer too.

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Prevent breast cancer by avoiding constipation
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