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Prevent and treat cancer by restricting your calorie intake

by , 04 February 2014

Watching what you eat plays a significant role maintaining your overall health. And it also seems to play a role in helping in the treatment of various chronic diseases. But can restricting calories in your diet actually prevent and treat cancer? New research says it could!

Placing restrictions on what you eat is great for your overall health. By eating what’s good for you, you’re keeping your body nourished with the types of foods it uses for all its processes. There’s little left to get rid of as waste and less to store!
But is there a way you can prevent and even help in the treatment of certain chronic diseases by watching what you eat?
Researchers find that a calorie restricted diet helps prevent and treat cancer
It’s clear there’s certain foods you can eat to help prevent cancer. For example, strawberries are excellent sources of antioxidants. They help your body prevent cancer causing free radicals building-up.
But then there’s the question of whether you can help strengthen your cancer treatment by the foods you eat…
Researchers believe it’s more a case of how much you eat that’s helpful!
An experiment concluded that reducing your calorie intake while on cancer treatment has a significant effect on how the cancerous cells responded. More cells had a positive reaction to the treatment with calorie restriction compared to the control group that received treatment but maintained a “normal diet”. 
Cancer cells thrive on glucose for energy so carb restriction is most important
Don’t stop eating when you’re receiving cancer treatment just yet! Dr Thomas Seyfried who worked on the study, says it’s important to fast intermittently. 
He also says carb restriction is most important. Tumour cells thrive on energy received from glucose. So the sugar your body gets from the breakdown of carbs is feeding your cancer cells. 
When these cells don’t get the energy from your body, they try produce their own. And this actually makes them vulnerable! This is where the treatment can effectively treat cancer. 
While you’re on treatment for your cancer, speak to your doctor about a calorie restricted diet whether this is a suitable option for you to take control of your cancer and beat it for good. 

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Prevent and treat cancer by restricting your calorie intake
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