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Past and present smokers can slash their chance of death by 20% by getting screened for lung cancer

by , 06 February 2017
Past and present smokers can slash their chance of death by 20% by getting screened for lung cancer
If you're a current or former smoker and have never been screened for lung cancer, listen up!

In a new study published in the journal Jama Oncology, experts write that most current and former smokers in America don't get screened for lung cancer even though they're at very high risk of the deadly disease.

What's more, this study revealed that current and former smokers can reduce their risk of dying of lung cancer by as much as 20% by getting screened!

Study reveals that current and former smokers can prevent lung cancer death by 20% by getting screened for the deadly disease

To reach their findings, researchers analysed federal government data. They identified that the share of eligible current and former smokers who went for lung cancer screenings over the past year remained very low – 3.3% in 2010 to 2.9% in 2015.
The researchers found that out of the 6.8 million current and former smokers living in America in 2015 who should’ve gone for lung cancer screenings, only 262,700 did!
They concluded that those who did get screened for lung cancer were able to reduce their risk of lung cancer death by as much as 20%.

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Study leader Dr Ahmedin Jemal reported in a cancer society news release, “The reasons for the low uptake in screening are probably varied, and likely include lack of knowledge among both smokers and doctors as to screening recommendations, as well as access to high-quality screening.
“Our previous study showed implementing quality screening broadly across the US could prevent about 12,000 lung cancer deaths every year in the short term. But we cannot prevent those deaths until and unless we start educating eligible smokers as well as clinicians about the benefits and risks of screening, so patients can make an informed decision,” he added.

The US Preventive Services Task Force recommends that everyone who smokes 30 packs or more a year gets screened for lung cancer annually

According to the American Cancer Society, this spanking new study should serve as an indicator that people need to get screened for lung cancer regularly. But just how regularly should you go?
The US Preventive Services Task Force says that for people between age 55 and 80 who smoke 30 packs or more of cigarettes per year, once a year is enough. They add that it’s important you get screened with low-dose computed technology. 
While this study confirms that past and present smokers are at high risk of lung cancer, it’s important to remember that anyone can get lung cancer. In fact, approximately 20% of people who die from the disease have never had a single puff of a cigarette! To learn more about the signs and symptoms of lung cancer, go here

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Past and present smokers can slash their chance of death by 20% by getting screened for lung cancer
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