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One obvious - and one not-so-obvious - way to prevent skin cancer

by , 12 April 2013

Do you apply self-tan lotion? Good for you. It's the best way to prevent skin cancer from lying out in the sun for too long or even using tanning beds, as they expose you to the same dangerous UV rays that cause skin cancer. Especially as research has found that tanning beds are like 'cigarettes for the skin'. Here's how to further minimise your risk of skin cancer with sun block and aspirin.

Tanning beds pose such a high risk of skin cancer that two-thirds of US states now restrict teens' access to them.
They’re taking it so seriously that a North Jersey mother was arrested after taking her five-year-old daughter to a tanning booth, says Philly.com.
And for good reason.
Even gel manicures increase your risk of skin cancer if UV lamps are used to set the thick polish, says IOL.
That’s why you should always apply sunscreen when you’re exposed to UV rays to protect against skin cancer.
Skin cancer prevention strategy 1: Apply sunscreen daily
Because you’re even exposed to skin cancer in winter, when the sun’s rays are weaker.
And you want to avoid this, as your skin will react to UV radiation from sun exposure with wrinkles, freckles and skin cancer, says FSP Health.
In fact, statistics show that up to 90% of skin changes like dryness, skin growths, and skin patches commonly thought to be a part of aging are actually caused by the sun.
So make sure you’re applying enough sunscreen each time you venture outdoors.
You’ll need to put on about a teaspoon of sunscreen for each limb, a teaspoon for the front of your body and another one for your back, says TheConversation.
That’s easy enough, but did you know that aspirin has also been found to reduce your risk for skin cancer?
It’s true.
Skin cancer prevention strategy 2: Take aspirin twice a week
All you have to do is take aspirin twice a week to lower your risk of developing skin cancer by 21%, says FSP Health
Simple as that.
So make sure you’ve stocked your medicine cabinet with sunscreen and aspirin and you’ll be less likely to develop skin cancer.
And staying out of the sun will keep your skin looking young for years to come!

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One obvious - and one not-so-obvious - way to prevent skin cancer
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