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Obese? You're at risk of at least 10 types of cancer, warn experts

by , 27 August 2014

If you're severely overweight or obese, it's time to listen up.

Your life is at risk!

It's not only about your chances of suffering from a heart attack, stroke or diabetes related condition, it's about your risk of developing one of the ten most common forms of cancer.

That's right. You're obesity puts you at risk of cancer.

And your risk is high, says BBC.com.

In the UK alone, experts suspect that obesity is going to increase the number of people living with cancer by 3,500 every year!

So what do you do to protect yourself from this deadly disease and lose weight to improve your health?

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It’s time to lose weight! It’s the only way to live…

Being just 13kg to 15kg overweight dramatically increases your risk of cancer, explain BBC.com. So make these changes in your life to start losing weight so you can improve your health.
Step 1. Check in with your doctor
It’s important to involve your doctor in your efforts to lose weight. So tell them about your intentions and get their advice.
Step 2. Aim to lose weight slowly
You should aim to lose about 1kg a week when you’re obese, says womenshealth.gov. This prevents your body undergoing stress if you lose weight too quickly. And losing weight slowly means you form good habits and you’re more likely to keep the weight off long term.
Step 3. Eat a wide range of foods
Don’t limit your nutrient intake. Discover new, healthy foods that are tasty and that can help you maintain your new lifestyle choices without getting bored.
Step 4. Add some exercise
Start a fitness routine under supervision from your doctor. Even walking for 10 minutes three times a day is a great way to get fit and lose weight.
Losing weight and keeping it off is all about a healthy diet and fitness routine. It is possible to lose weight to improve your health and lower your risk of cancer if you just make the decision to follow these steps. 

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Obese? You're at risk of at least 10 types of cancer, warn experts
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