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No need for mastectomy surgery if you know your breast cancer’s not coming back!

by , 17 January 2013

Breast cancer survivors often go for double mastectomy surgery as a safety precaution against the cancer coming back. If you don’t, you live in constant fear that your annual mammogram will pick up new growth. Now, you can avoid invasive surgery as new research accurately profiles if your breast cancer is likely to return years! Here’s how cancer treatment will change ...

Medical researchers at the University of Alberta discovered a 'genetic marker' method to help accurately profile which women were more apt to have their breast cancer return years later.
Sambasivarao Damaraju, a professor at the Cross Cancer Institute has published his team’s findings in the peer-reviewed journal, PLoS One. 
Using a simple blood test, Damaraju and his team scanned the entire human genome of 369 women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer to predict which of the women were at high risk of breast cancer recurrence.
Damaraju added that treatment strategies could now be tailor-made based on individual genetic make-up and how susceptible you are to breast cancer recurrence.
A simple blood test can increase the success of your breast cancer treatment and decrease need for surgery!
Currently, treatment options for breast cancer patients are based on what doctors know about the tumour itself – its size, grade and the absence or presence of certain markers within the tumour
Damaraju thinks the accuracy of prognosis could be improved by complementing tumour-based markers with the DNA marker that can be found through a simple blood test.
“The impact of Dr Damaraju's significant discovery on personalized treatment for breast cancer patients is substantial,” says Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Prairies/NWT Region CEO Trish Bronsch. “Knowing individual risks of breast cancer and recurrence provides doctors and oncologists with a better picture in which they can create a treatment plan to fit personal needs.”
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No need for mastectomy surgery if you know your breast cancer’s not coming back!
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