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New American study reveals that ginger extract may destroy cancer more effectively than chemotherapy

by , 18 August 2016
New American study reveals that ginger extract may destroy cancer more effectively than chemotherapy
By now, you probably know that people around the globe have been using ginger as both food and medicine for thousands of years. In fact, ginger is one of the oldest spices and folk medicines in the world and has been long prized for its incredible healing benefits.

Ginger's underground stem, which you can use as both a spice and herb, is chock-full of active ingredients that play numerous roles in your body. For example, these ingredients boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, alleviate indigestion, low your cholesterol and eliminate nausea. And it doesn't end there…

New research conducted by researchers at Georgia State University in the US shows that consuming ginger extract may even be beneficial for cancer patients! Keep reading for the full scoop on this new hopeful study.

Georgia State University researchers reveal the cancer-destroying benefits of ginger extract

For the study, the researchers examined the effects of ginger extract on living cancer cells. What they found is that ginger extract killed and stopped growth on cancerous cells, while leaving healthy cells completely untouched.
The team also found that that ginger extract had almost no side effects whatsoever, which separates it from modern-day chemotherapy, which can cause everything from fatigue and pain to blood disorders and hair loss. Believe it or not, but some forms of chemotherapy have actually shown to increase the rate of metastasis, which causes cancer to appear in other organs that are completely unrelated to the organ being treated!  

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What’s more is the team found that ginger extract also shrunk prostate tumours in mice by an impressive 56%, while providing their bodies with an excellent dose of antioxidants and slashing inflammation levels in half.
Dr Raghu Kalluri of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, also in the US, reports: “Whatever manipulations we’re doing to tumours can inadvertently do something to increase the tumour numbers to become more metastatic, which is what kills patients at the end of the day.”

Start consuming ginger today to prevent and reduce cancer in your body!

Are you ready to start reaping the cancer-fighting rewards of extract? You can enjoy the incredible benefits of ginger in many different ways, such as extracts, teas and supplements. You can even eat raw ginger to quickly benefit from its potent healing powers!

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New American study reveals that ginger extract may destroy cancer more effectively than chemotherapy
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