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More good news on curcumin… It may halt lung cancer

by , 08 October 2013

The cancer-fighting power of curcumin isn't exactly news. In January this year we told you about a study showing curcumin can help stop the spread of prostate cancer. But scientists have long debated exactly how curcumin works - and the results of this new study couldn't be better news.

A Chinese research team has identified a main component of curry powder as a powerful defence against cancer.

In a study published in the Journal of Pharmacological Sciences, researchers from Central South University in China say they’ve finally confirmed what natural healers and alternative health practitioners have been saying for centuries. Curcumin, a pigment found in curry, mustard and other foods is the secret weapon against cancer.

By destroying the blood vessels that feed cancer tumours, curcumin prevents or slows their growth.

Beat lung cancer with curcumin?

Researchers exposed lethal lung cancer cells to curcumin to see how the cells and the surrounding healthy tissue would react.

Curcumin kept lung cancer cells from growing and initiated a process called “autophagy,” where the cancer cells began to deteriorate!

Also, curcumin attacked cancer cells while leaving healthy cells and tissues completely untouched!

You can find curcumin in many affordable nutritional supplements. It’s also the principle compound in the spice turmeric so you can add it to lots of recipes.


The cancer treatments medical authorities don’t want you to know about

Right now, there are cancer treatments medical authorities are trying to hide from you. They’ve been banned and kept out of your medicine cabinet by agencies designed to protect your health such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Don’t believe me? Read on…

In 1966, a senior oncologist at St. Vincents Hospital in New York, developed a serum that shrank cancer tumours in 45 minutes! This life saving treatment was extremely effective, but the US FDA shut him down, ignoring the research he had done and the hope he had given to many.

And decades ago, Dr Johanna Budwig, a six-time Nobel Award nominee, discovered a natural formula that not only protects against cancer, but also fights existing cancer. Dr Budwig found that two natural foods not only helped prevent cancer but in some cases actually helped heal the cancer! But when she went to publish these results she was blocked by drug manufacturers who stood to lose a lot of money. Natural substances can’t be patented and so drug companies won’t make money from them. That’s why they’re being kept from you!

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More good news on curcumin… It may halt lung cancer
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