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Moms: Walk off your breast cancer risk this Mother's Day!

by , 10 May 2013

With this Sunday being Mother's Day, most health news sources are focusing on female health issues. One of the most prevalent of these is breast cancer. Luckily, new research results have just been released, that show an easy way to lower your risk of developing breast cancer. All you have to do is add moderate exercise like brisk walking!

Unhealthy body weight, unbalanced diet and lack of exercise are responsible for 90% of cancers, says FSP Health
So while most cancer sufferers make all the recommended diet changes, you shouldn’t forget the importance of exercise.
Especially as researchers in the US have finally discovered how regular exercise is associated with a lower risk of developing breast cancer.
It’s all about how exercise makes your oestrogen levels less likely to trigger or fuel the growth of hormone-dependent tumours and cancer, says GlobeandMail.
Here’s how the breast cancer-exercise link study was done… 
A total of 300 healthy women from 18 to 35 years old were given a vigorous exercise programme to follow, with others staying sedentary as a control.
Urine samples showed that the women on the exercise levels had better levels of ‘good’ oestrogen that doesn’t cause breast cancer than those who didn’t exercise, says MedPageToday.
This, in turn, means they’re less likely to develop breast cancer based on their oestrogen levels, adds GlobeandMail
That’s why walking for an hour a day is associated with cutting your risk of breast cancer, says Walking.About
If you’re a couch potato, best you go for a walk this Mother’s Day!
So if you sit at your desk all day then continue the sedentary lifestyle by sitting and watching TV all night, you’ll have an increased risk of cancer.
What are you waiting for?
You can get started this weekend. 
Don’t let the cold weather put you off.
Walking in winter will soon have your cheeks flushed and your heart pumping, says FSP Health
 You’ll know you’ve done enough if you feel warmer and you’re breathing harder – that’s a great thing if you’re feeling the cold as winter sets in!
If you’ve already had breast cancer, here’s a compelling reason to start walking…
“In fact, the effects can be so significant that keeping active can also cut the risk of breast cancer recurring by up to 50%,” explains FSP Health.
Case closed.

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Moms: Walk off your breast cancer risk this Mother's Day!
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