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Michael Douglas lost 20kg during his battle with cancer - here's how to protect yourself from the same fate

by , 31 July 2014

Actor Michael Douglas received the diagnoses that he had stage four throat cancer when he was 55 years old and was in the prime of his acting career.

During his treatment, which included radiation and chemo, he lost close to 20kg. And he describes this time in his life as “very accurately mapped to the seven circles of hell”.

You can't do much to prevent weight loss when your body's going through this devastating treatment. But it's important that you try maintain a healthy weight.

It's hard to eat when you're sick, but you have to feed your body the right nutrients despite this. It'll help you come out the other side with your body able to continue fighting to stay strong.

That's why today, we're going to help you make the right food choices to fuel your body. So eat these foods to cope better with your treatment and ensure you stay strong so you can fight the cancer that's taken over your body.

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Keep your body strong with these food tips and beat cancer

#1. Eat the foods you like, when you like
If you feel like eating rice and vegetables for breakfast or cereal for dinner, do so! Don’t ever force yourself to eat something you don’t find appetising or it could make you averse to eating altogether.
#2. Don’t be afraid to try new foods
Because your sense of taste and smell changes during treatment, you might find foods you never ate before quite appetising. And this could help you overcome food limitations by adding a wider variety to your menu.
#3. Drink lots of shakes
Because it might be easier for you to drink something than chew normal food, drink high calorie, high protein meal replacement shakes, milk shakes and protein shakes to keep your energy, nutrition and weight at good levels.
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#4. Make sure you eat enough fruit and vegetables

You need to eat at least 2 ½ cups of fruit and veg everyday, says cancer.org. Eat all the colours of the rainbow as these fruit and veg contain healing compounds that’ll help your body fight the cancer and symptoms you get during treatment.
#5. Snack during the day
Eat five or six smaller meals throughout the day instead of three large ones at set meal times. It’ll help you feel less full and if you get nauseous while eating one smaller meal, you’ll try again in three hours. This means you don’t push an entire meal away; you’re likely to only leave small amounts of food.
Getting the right foods and nutrients through your diet is an important part of your treatment. It’ll also help you come out the other end of therapy stronger so your body can continue fighting as it should.

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Michael Douglas lost 20kg during his battle with cancer - here's how to protect yourself from the same fate
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