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Men: Your manhood is at risk if you're popping pills, drinking shakes and using muscle-building supplements

by , 15 April 2015

Using shakes and taking pills - even if you believe they're “natural” ones - has become the norm to increase muscle mass and help you lose weight. It forms part of your everyday fitness routine to be healthy, look and feel good.

But you might want to stop! Immediately. Because it's not healthy at all…

New research coming out of Yale University has evidence to suggest it could steal your manhood.

Scientists at the university found a strong link between the ingredients in the supplements and your testicular cancer risk. And it's these ingredients you thought were safe and natural!

Read on to find out about the research and what you can do instead…

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Using creatine-containing supplements increases your testicular cancer risk

Study author, Tongzhang Zheng, says the study found a direct correlation between testicular cancer risk and using muscle-building supplements with creatine in them.
They surveyed 900 men to determine their habits. These included whether they smoked, drank, exercise and used supplements. They also looked into the participant’s testicular cancer risk from family history and their age.
But even when they removed age and their family history, there was one thing that stood out.
The men who regularly used muscle-building supplements with creatine were at much higher risk of testicular cancer.
There were other ingredients in commonly used supplements too. Things like androstenedione and even protein.
You might say, “But your body makes them”.
It’s true, but it makes them for a particular purpose.
And when you have too much, it causes cells to mutate and cancer can form.
These compounds have a specific link to making male sexual hormones, and that’s why they encourage the formation of testicular cancer.
So what do you do instead?
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Eat the right foods to build muscle for strength and weight loss

Instead of relying on convenient shakes and pills, eat foods containing them.
Your body can regulate food a lot easier than it can synthetic ingredients, so it doesn’t cause a problem.
Foods containing creatine are beef and fish, while you can get protein from them too as well as eggs, yoghurt, cheese and milk.
Don’t put your life in danger to bulk up. Rather go completely natural for better health. 

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Men: Your manhood is at risk if you're popping pills, drinking shakes and using muscle-building supplements
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