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Lose weight and reduce your risk for ovarian cancer

by , 03 April 2014

Your body mass index (BMI) uses your height and weight to determine your health risk for obesity.

The higher your BMI, the unhealthier you are. The average BMI range for women over 20 years old is 19-25.

Now, a study out of the American Institute for Cancer Research shows that BMI can be used as a measure of your risk for ovarian cancer. For every five-point increase in BMI, your risk for developing ovarian cancer rises by 6%.

Here's why.

Take control of your BMI to avoid ovarian cancer
Researchers looked at results from over 120 different studies and four million women. They believe that the risk for ovarian cancer begins to increase when your BMI is over 30.
Let’s say you and your friend are both 1.65m tall. You weigh 70kg. That makes your BMI 25. Your friend is 15kg heavier than you. Her BMI will be 30. This means regardless of any other lifestyle factors, her risk for ovarian cancer is at least 6% higher than yours.
The cancer treatments medical authorities don’t want you to know about

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If you’re overweight, you’re at risk for ovarian cancer no matter your age
Most women think that ovarian cancer only happens to older woman. That’s because 70% of post-menopausal women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. But younger, pre-menopausal women are at risk too - especially if you’re overweight or obese.
The warning signs to look out for include abdominal pressure, bloating, pelvic pain, persistent gas or indigestion, loss of appetite, low energy level and sudden increased weight around your abdomen.
Reduce your risk for ovarian cancer with these easy steps
Exercise is the best way to lose weight. You don’t have to do anything rigorous. Start with a walk every day. Try an interval walking programming, such as our Walking Fit Programme.
If you’re serious about losing weight without counting calorie’s, working like a cart-horse in the gym or taking dangerous pills, follow our essential weight loss secrets that no-one is telling you about.
And, add more lycopene to your diet. It raises your levels of adiponection – a hormone found in lean women that regulates blood sugar and fat storage. To do this add more tomatoes to your meals or take a lycopene supplement.
Ovarian cancer is the fifth deadliest cancer. In the US, 14,000 woman die of ovarian cancer every year. Don’t be a part of that statistic. Control your BMI.

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Lose weight and reduce your risk for ovarian cancer
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