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Liver cancer associated with diabetes. Could you be at higher risk?

by , 31 December 2013

In America, the number of cases of people with liver cancer has tripled in the past 30 years, and diabetes is a risk factor for this. Doctors at the University of Southern California are finding that Type II Diabetes sufferers are more at risk of developing liver cancer.

People with diabetes have a two to three times greater risk of having liver cancer said Dr Setiawan of the University of Southern California.
Linking liver cancer and Diabetes
The liver helps in the metabolism of sugars and the excessive sugar in the blood stream of uncontrolled diabetics leads to a greater risk of damage to the liver. 
Stop diabetes from leading to liver cancer
Diabetes affects every organ and tissue in your body.
Because it also has an effect on the growth of tumours, it can lead to cancers being more aggressive in your body.
But how do you change all of this from happening to you?
Changing your diet to change your diabetes
If you are not already diabetic, change your lifestyle now. Keep it healthy and cut out all of the bad food. It just isn’t worth it! Cut out sugar and fat and make sure that you are exercising. 
Take your medication at prescribed times of the day if you are diabetic. Don’t use your medication as an excuse to binge on sugar and fatty foods, thinking that the medication will be the simple control in your body.
Make every effort to lose weight. Start with the first five kilograms and continue from there. Set yourself goals and put effort into achieving them to avoid an early grave. 
If you’re struggling to change your lifestyle for or by yourself, get your loved ones involved. Explain to them that you need help and they need to be there to support you until you can tackle the disease by yourself. 

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Liver cancer associated with diabetes. Could you be at higher risk?
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