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Just like Pat Reeves, adding the best cancer fighting foods to your diet can help you overcome your diagnosis

by , 11 December 2014

At 34, Pat Reeves got the devastating diagnosis that she had a brain tumour.

Her doctor also told her it would be fatal unless she received the appropriate treatment. But even then they couldn't guarantee that treatment would keep her alive.

Despite this she decided pills, radiotherapy and even surgery wouldn't be they way she was going to tackle her disease. She was going to go the natural route and it's the reason, at 69, she's still alive today.

Here's how she continues to keep her cancer at bay…

After working on her fitness, Pat decided it was time to look into the best cancer fighting foods to add to her diet

Once she received the diagnosis, Pat immediately started training harder and she was running a long distance every day. But she found it was only keeping the lower part of her body in shape so she looked into another way of becoming fitter and stronger.
So she took up weight lifting. And within a few months, she was taking part in competitions and really pushing boundaries.
But her health wasn’t quite in check yet.
Only a year after knowing she had a brain tumour, she was back in her doctor’s room where he had more bad news. She had developed a form of bone cancer too.
But not even this new diagnosis was going to force Pat into treatment she didn’t want.
Again, she refused radiation and surgery. But she had a plan.
She was going to add the best cancer fighting foods to her diet and continue with her fitness routine.
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Adding the best cancer fighting foods to her diet did the trick!

Pat changed her entire diet after receiving her second cancer diagnosis. She got rid of everything processed and refined. Instead, she only eats “living” foods.
She’s now on a completely raw food diet, which means she eats only fruit, vegetables and grains that come straight from living plants.
And it’s because of this change that she says has had the most impact on her “fatal” diagnosis.
She’s even become a nutritional therapist, advocating the role of healthy foods in a cancer fighting diet. And she hasn’t given up her on weight lifting either.
In fact, in 2014 at the age of 69, she broke the British Deadlifting record!
So, if Pat can change her cancer fate with food, so can you!
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You too can add some of the best cancer fighting foods to your diet to beat your diagnosis

Foods containing antioxidants, like brightly coloured fresh fruit and vegetables, are great when it comes to beating cancer.
They fight the fight for you as they stop free radical production and oxidative stress development. Both of these feed cancer cells and help them grow into more aggressive tumours.
So make the change to your diet and keep cancer from ruining your life!
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Just like Pat Reeves, adding the best cancer fighting foods to your diet can help you overcome your diagnosis
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