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Italy has the answer to chronic illness… But you don't have to move there

by , 20 January 2016

Let's get real for a moment: Everyone wants to forestall the signs of ageing and prevent chronic health problems such as diabetes, dementia, heart disease and cancer - am I right?

The issue, however, is that most people believe that prevention and healing power for such conditions is only delivered in the form of needles and drugs. This is a misconception you're simply better off without.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: You can effectively slash your risk of chronic illness by simply moving to Italy, where the standard diet includes regular consumption of tomato-based pasta sauce. Alright, alright – so moving across the globe isn’t that simple… So, alternatively, you could stay right where you are and incorporate plenty of tomatoes into your diet.
Now you’re wondering what in the world it is that makes tomatoes so unique that they can help you stave off fatal conditions.  Allow me to fill you in…
Rich in the unique carotenoid lycopene, tomatoes are one of nature’s superfoods
Lycopene is an incredible carotenoid that supplements its free radical-scavenging activity with other health-giving mechanisms. Let me talk you through some of lycopene’s healthy activities apart from mopping up dangerous free radicals:
·         It stimulates and boosts your immune system;
·         It facilitates communication between the cells in your body;
·         It regulates your endocrine (hormonal) pathways; and
·         It regulates cell proliferation.
This might all sound far too scientific to interpret, so let me break it down for you: Your body naturally produces free radicals as a by-product of cellular metabolism. Because they don’t contain a spare electron, they’re highly unstable, and can therefore wreak serious havoc with important molecules such as fats, proteins and your DNA.
This kind of mayhem is what causes premature ageing as well as illnesses such as diabetes, dementia, heart disease and cancer. Does this all make a bit more sense now? Great – so back to the scientific side of things. I’m now going to explain how lycopene can help prevent these specific health conditions.
How lycopene works to help protect you from diabetes, dementia, heart disease and cancer

·         Lycopene and diabetes
Inflammation and oxidation is what drives diabetes. As you might except, lycopene levels in people with diabetes are far lower than they are in healthy people. So, by supplementing your diet with lycopene, you can protect yourself from this condition.

·         Lycopene and dementia
Oxidative stress is the biggest player in neurodegenerative stress. Lycopene helps your brain resist oxidative stress, and in turn stave off certain dementias, including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

·         Lycopene and heart disease
Heart disease causes up to one-third of all deaths around the globe. People with low lycopene levels are at increased risk of forming thick, stiff arteries, which is one of the main causes of heart attacks. Lycopene also reduces LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol levels and improves your HDL (or “good) cholesterol levels.

·         Lycopene and cancer
Studies show that people who consume significant quantities of tomato products, such as tomato juice and pasta sauce, have lower rates of chronic illness such as cancer.
The healthiest sources of lycopene to add to your diet
I get it – not everyone is a big fan of tomatoes and tomato-based products. Furthermore, most tomato-based products are highly processed and come with elevated levels of sodium, which is not a good long-term solution for you.
So how can you then up your lycopene levels to prevent chronic illness and stay healthy in the long run? Simple: If you want to enjoy the many incredible benefits of lycopene without suffering the high blood pressure and heart disease risk associated with elevated consumption of sodium, an activated lycopene supplement is what you need.
Start experiencing the benefits of an activated lycopene supplement by ordering yours today! Go here now to order.

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Italy has the answer to chronic illness… But you don't have to move there
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