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“It's My Party” singer Lesley Gore loses her battle with lung cancer…

by , 18 February 2015

You all know the song “it's my party and I'll cry if I want to” song whether you were around in the 60s when it came out or not.

And soon after the song became a hit, so did the beautiful blonde who sang it. Especially with teenage girls who needed a role model.

Lesley Gore became the voice of young girls and their rights especially when it came to reproduction and sexual health.

It's incredibly sad to think that she had such a powerful voice off and on stage but at the age of 68 lost her battle to lung cancer this week.

You too might be trying to beat cancer and are struggling to win the war. We're here to tell you not to give up and to keep fighting.

And we may have just the thing that could help…

Have you heard about the benefits of hemp oil and its role in cancer treatment?

Recently, we wrote and article about the breakthrough in prostate cancer treatment. Researchers found that using hemp oil in your food on a daily basis can be the reason cancer cells destroy themselves by committing cell suicide.
And it appears the same happens in lung cancer cells.The health benefits of hemp oil include cancer treatment.
Hemp oil and cannabis oil are similar in that they contain cannabinoids. But it’s cannabis oil that contains the hallucinogenic THC that give you the high.
And while cannabis oil is also available on the market, using it like you would hemp oil will leave you with the feelings of being high and you’ll have traces of THC in your blood.
That’s why it’s better to use hemp oil in your fight against cancer.
As we discussed in the previous article, cells contain cannabinoid receptors because your body naturally produces the cannabinoids you find in the plant species cannabis, where hemp comes from.
But because they metabolise quickly, your body can’t hang onto them and use them when it needs them most. But when you have hemp oil in your diet, your body can use them freely.
This means when your body needs them, they bind to the CB receptors and initiate helpful cell processes to start.
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For 20 years, medical science has known this controversial plant:
•             STARVES cancer cells to death!
•             HELPS diabetics go from insulin dependent to non-diabetic in just days …
•             STOPS memory loss and enhances cognitive function
•             BRINGS blessed relief for those with arthritis
•             SLASHES your risk of heart disease
And yet no one’s told you.
You need help…
You need answers…
You need the TRUTH!

The health benefits on hemp oil can help you beat lung cancer

Researchers in Chicago found these CB receptors on lung cancer cells too.
When they looked into what happened when the cannabinoids bound to these receptors they were astonished.
The cannabinoids that bound to the lung cancer cell CB receptors inhibited the epidermal growth factor enzyme that help tumours to grow. And along with this made the cells become toxic to each other and they therefore had to kill themselves off!
And this Chicago study is only one of many looking into the health benefits of hemp oil when it comes to treating cancer.
The best thing about hemp oil is that FSP Nutritionals discovered the secrets behind its health benefits just in time. And we’ve made it available to you, right here is South Africa.
If you want to know more about hemp oil and what it can do for your health, read this article…

PS: Getting more information about natural remedies for all sorts of ailments and diseases is so easy when it comes to FSP Health.

All you have to do is sign up at FSPHealthandFitness.co.za using just your email address and you’ll receive our FREE newsletter in your inbox every day.
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“It's My Party” singer Lesley Gore loses her battle with lung cancer…
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