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It's confirmed! Cellphones are definitely one of the causes of brain cancer

by , 15 November 2014

The debate has been going on for years, with some research showing that cellphones do cause brain cancer while other research casting doubt on this highly contentious issue.

It seems the key ingredient to prove that cellphones can cause brain tumours was TIME! Here's what you should know…

Don’t talk your way to brain cancer!

Recently, a team of Swedish researchers found that cellphone users triple their risk for glioma, a deadly brain cancer, over a 25 year period.
The researchers compared cellphone usage amongst 1,380 people suffering from malignant brain tumours and healthy people. Those that reported using cellphones for 20-25 years were nearly twice as likely to develop brain cancer as those who used them for less than a year.
And, people who used cellphones for over 25 years, were three times more likely to develop brain tumours.

How long you spend on your phone also plays a role on how likely you are to get brain cancer.

We know it’s unlikely you’ll throw your cellphone away after reading this. Cellphones have become an integral part of society and a necessity for business. But there are a few things you can do to help protect yourself from brain cancer derived from cellphone usage.

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Here’s how to help protect yourself from brain cancer tumours

Use these four tips to reduce direct exposure to cellphones:

  1. With data becoming cheaper over time and more popular than voice, sms and instant messaging apps like Whatsapp are becoming the preferred means of cellphone communication. This is safer than holding your phone to your ear to speak.

  2. You could also invest in an earpiece to avoid holding your phone to your ear.

  3. Use a landline wherever possible.

  4. And keep cellphone conversations short.

Modern lifestyle does bring with it additional risks our forefathers didn’t have to deal with but if we use our modern tools more wisely, we could help protect ourselves.

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It's confirmed! Cellphones are definitely one of the causes of brain cancer
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