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It's a sweet death for cancer cells when you eat these two fruit

by , 27 October 2014

Imagine eating foods you enjoy instead of swallowing a bitter pill to beat cancer.

Well, it's entirely possible!

Especially when you add peaches and plums to your diet, reveals a study.

Both types of fruit contain such strong antioxidants evidence suggests they literally kill off cancer!

Studies on cancer cells at the Texas AgriLife labs showed even really aggressive types of cancer didn't stand a chance against peach and plum extract.

Read on to discover some good reasons to add peaches and plums to your diet…

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The compound that gives peaches and plums their taste and colour fights cancer too

Dr David Byrne from AgriLife studies the health benefits of fruit with stones. He began researching what they could do to cancer cells. He wanted cancer patients to have an alternative to the devastating effects of chemo.
He found that the compounds in peaches and plums were a great way to kill cancer cells without having an effect on healthy cells!
He says, even if you increase the fruit extract levels to where it’s toxic in the body, it still only kills the cancer cells.
Initially, Dr Byrne and colleagues were studying the compound in plums because it’s similar to what you’d find in blueberries. But even though blueberries were on the list of superior fruit for its cancer-fighting properties, they found plums contain a more potent source of it.
They then wanted to compare the compound in plums to that of another stone fruit and the effect it had on aggressive breast cancer cells. They chose peaches.
Little did they know the peach also contains a potent anti-cancer compound!
The chlorogenic and neochlorogenic phenols found in high levels in peaches and plums was what literally causes the cancer cells to die.
And more recent research on peaches, shows just how potent their compounds are against breast cancer
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Texas researchers say: Eat peaches – skins and all – to beat breast cancer

Giuliana Noratto and her colleagues at Washington State University say peaches can prevent breast cancer and even stop it’s spread to other parts of your body if you already have the disease.
After testing the extract on mice injected with cancer cells, they found tumours had shrunk and they had less blood vessel formation around them meaning they were less likely to grow into other tissues.
She says she now eats at least three peaches a day because of the results! The amount of phenol extract they fed the mice in the study translates to about three peaches for an average size 65kg woman.
But she also says it’s important you eat the skin because that’s where the highest concentration of the phenols are. Just wash the skin thoroughly before you eat it so you wash any chemicals off!
Also, eat them as you find them in nature because heating damages the compounds and render them useless.
There you have it! Can you think of a better way to beat cancer than eating sweet peaches and plums every day?

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It's a sweet death for cancer cells when you eat these two fruit
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