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It's a must to include mustard in your diet to improve your health!

by , 15 January 2014

Ever thought mustard could be good for you? Well, it's not good, it's great! The antioxidant properties of mustard seeds help fight toxins, prevent cancer and heart disease. And that's not all, there's Omega-3's in mustard that protects your brain tissue. It's true; the tiniest of seeds is packed with so many health benefits!

At only 20 calories per serving of mustard, you can afford to eat this tasty condiment on all your favourite foods. 
But mustard isn’t just tasty and low in calories, it’s packed full of health! And in such a small seed too…
Mustard is linked to all sorts of health benefits
One of the strangest facts about how mustard seeds were used around 5000 years ago is they were used to ward off evil spirits!
Luckily, today you can just take the mustard out of the jar and spread the health benefits on bread!
Just look at this list of health issues mustard is associated with helping:
· Cancer
· Asthma
· Insomnia due to menopause
· Migraine frequency reduction
· Lowers blood pressure
· Decreases the symptoms of arthritis
So what’s in mustard that provides all these health benefits?
Two of the main minerals in mustard seeds is selenium and magnesium. 
Selenium’s main role is to regulate metabolism, but one the main health related benefits is it’s antioxidant properties protecting cells from damage. 
Magnesium plays a vital role in growth and maintenance of bones. It’s also the mineral that’s responsible for nerves and muscles functioning properly. It’s also helpful in the stomach where it neutralises stomach acid.
Also found in mustard seeds is omega-3 fatty acids and they’re a good source of phosphorus, copper, and vitamin B1.
So by all means, keep yelling ‘pass me the mustard’! And with only 20 calories per two teaspoons, it’s not so bad for your waistline either!

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It's a must to include mustard in your diet to improve your health!
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