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Is your doctor prescribing you cancer causing drugs?

by , 01 September 2014

It's an all too familiar process. You get sick. You go to the doctor. Your doctor gives you the script for antibiotics. Why would you even question this?

But what you may not be aware of is the medication on that script may do more harm than good!

Here's why….

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Warning: Antibiotics kill the good bacteria that protect your gut from colon cancer
You see these antiobiotiecs kill that good bacteria in your gut. And “good” bacteria defend against pathogens, fight disease, and help lower inflammation. You don’t want to be without them.

New research presented to the American Society for clinical Oncology looked at data from 100,000 people in the United Kingdom.

Researchers wanted to determine if antibiotics disrupt gut health and lead to a higher risk of developing colon cancer.

They found that people who had taken penicillin-derived antibiotics up to ten years before diagnosis were 11% more likely to develop colon cancer.

Even short treatments can cause drug-resistant genes to be present up to two years later. And if you already have these bad bacteria in your gut, there may not be any good bacteria left to fight it off.

But there are natural ways to support gut health… And lower your risk of colon cancer

It all begins with diet. Getting rid of sugars, grains and most carbs is a great place to start. But it’s not just about what you cut out but also what you add. Like the Mediterranean Diet that’s high in fibre, healthy fats and leafy green vegetables.

Here are five natural alternatives to antibiotics:

1.   Coconut oil: It has the ability to kill harmful bacteria, research shows its effectiveness at fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Try eating a small spoonful with breakfast, you can also add it to your salads. To support your immune system and keep out bad bacteria.

2.   Olive leaf extract: It helps defend against a wide variety of viruses and bacteria. Olive leaf extract can do things that most prescription drugs can’t. It cuts off the amino acid supply to viruses. This helps viruses from spreading. One study found that exposing E.coli to just a 6% of olive leaf extract, completely destroyed it.

3.   Andrographis: This bitter herb used for years to treat digestive problems. Its potent antibacterial properties provide protection against most pathogens. It kills harmful germs and reduces your systems.

4.   Pau D’Arco: It’s made up of two compounds with antiviral and antibacterial properties. Even drug resistant infections can’t stand up to pau d’arco - the inner bark of a South American tree.

5.   Garlic: Is one of the best foods to always keep on hand. Garlic kills bacteria and fights disease. Used as a natural antibiotic.

Forget the antibiotics. You don’t need to rely on a prescription. These natural tools will help you defend against bacterial and viral infections.

These solutions will also support your immune system and keep the good bugs alive.

All these natural alternative are found in your local health store. So say goodbye to prescription antibiotics and wipe out your cancer risk.


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