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Is it just a mole, or is it skin cancer?

by , 04 February 2014

Don't ignore the changes in your skin, as it might be cancer! Knowing the difference between what your moles should look like and how they'd look if they are cancerous could mean the difference between early and effective treatment and the cancer spreading.

As someone who lives in an incredibly sunny country, you need to be aware of any changes on your skin. And while skin cancer is preventable, it’s still the most frequently diagnosed form of cancer worldwide!
It’s a privilege to have so much sun all year round, but there’s also a price to pay. 
Know what the difference is between a normal mole and what a cancerous one looks like. It may mean the difference between getting early and efective treatment and, or leaving it too long, causing other health issues. 
Your skin shows you the difference between a normal mole and skin cancer
You need to look at your skin every few months to check for any irregularities. Taking note of irregularities is really important.
Here’s what you need to look out for:
A normal mole:
A normal mole is harmless. It has regular borders, is smooth and has an even colour. It’s usually smaller than the nail on your little finger. 
Watch out! It could be skin cancer:
1. A scaly, pink, white and red patch on your face, hands, scalp or forearms. They’re precancerous and you should have it cut out as five out of 10 turn into cancer.
2. A red or pink patch usually found on the face. It’s got raised edges with an indentation in the middle where it scabs and bleeds. This is from skin damage
3. A large red patch with raised and uneven edges. The middle is indented and scabs and bleeds frequently. It might look like a wart and you’ll find it on your body or arms.
4. An irregular brown patch on the skin that can have a reddish, brown and black colour all in one. Usually found on women’s legs and on men’s backs.
All of these are treatable if caught early. So make sure you’re checking your skin frequently so you’re aware of any abnormal changes or irregularities!

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Is it just a mole, or is it skin cancer?
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