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Is a legal compound from an illegal drug the answer to breast cancer prevention?

by , 05 December 2014

While marijuana is illegal in South Africa, hemp oil isn't.

And hemp products are slowly creeping into mainstream natural medicine as remedies for all sorts of ailments and disease.

Some health fanatics even claim hemp oil can cure cancer.

And while it's not a brand new theory - in fact, claims for the healing power of hemp oil have been around since the 70s - it's not until recently that research has looked into it.

Here's what they found when it comes to hemp oil and breast cancer prevention…

Hemp oil can cause breast cancer cells to destroy themselves

When researchers looked into the effects hemp oil had on breast cancer prevention, they were astonishing.
For the better part of ten years, Dr Sean McAllister from the California Pacific Medical Center has been looking into hemp oil and its benefits on breast and brain cancer.
Finally, he’s found something that actually warrants his team to start trials in human subjects. Because on his animal models, the active ingredient, - cannabidiol – not only reduces the aggressiveness of tumours, it forces tumour cells to break themselves apart.
And this means lower risk of cancer spreading to other tissues, but there was something so much more significant than that.
After treatment with hemp oil, cancerous cells stopped multiplying and they literally returned to normal.
That’s right!
The cells started doing what they always did and stopped harming the host.
And it’s the effect it has on the ID-1 gene that causes cancer to spread.

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I admit I was downright shocked when I found out that cancer isn't actually what kills most cancer patients! And I've been a doctor for well over 20 years - so not much surprises me anymore.
Even more astounding - this monumental discovery goes back to the 1970s when former US Air Force Dr Joseph Gold uncovered the REAL killer, a condition that no one in the medical field was even talking about!
That's right - the real culprit behind 3 out of every 4 cancer deaths isn't cancer at all. No! It's a syndrome you've probably never even heard of - called cachexia (pronounced "ka-kek-see-ah").
And if you or someone you love is battling cancer... You definitely can't afford to ignore what could very well be the only natural compound that stops this stealth killer in its tracks.

Hemp oil can be a game-changer in breast cancer prevention

Dr McAllister and his team first discovered the ID-1 gene in 2007 when they were experimenting with hemp oil on breast cancer cells.
They started these experiments because of the link between breast cancer metastasis and low survival rate.
Basically, that means, when the breast cancer spreads to other tissues, there’s little treatment can do to stop its progression. And sadly, inevitable death related to the cancer.
But when they found that it’s the ID-1 gene that causes the breast cancer cells to spread, they had to find a way to stop it.
They then looked into how hemp oil affected the gene and they found it had a direct impact on it. It literally stopped the gene expression and prevented the cancer cells acting like tumour cells.
So you might be asking, “when can I start using it?”
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Use hemp oil in cooking instead of other types of oil

Dr McAllister says their study results is a great initiation to start creating and testing drugs options using hemp oil.
But in the mean time, take advantage of hemp oil and hemp seeds creeping into mainstream natural medicine. Use it in cooking and for other oil-based foods to reap the benefits in it’s potential cancer-fighting properties.

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