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Intravenous vitamin C shown to effectively treat cancer...

by , 08 April 2013

In a recent study led by Dr Mark Levine, a National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientist, researchers implanted mice with three types of cancer cells: Brain, ovarian and pancreatic. All three of these are very aggressive cancers.

In the mice treated with intravenous ascorbic acid (IAA), cancer cell growth was about half that of the mice who weren’t treated.   
In another study, also led by Dr Levine, 10 types of cancer cells and four types of normal cells were exposed to high vitamin C levels that could easily be reached intravenously.
In five of the cancer cell types, about 50% of the cells were either killed or self-destructed (apoptosis). Also, vitamin C exposure nearly completely halted the growth of the surviving cancer cells. And, remarkably, no damage was done to the normal cells.
Levine and his NIH team theorised that the high concentration of vitamin C prompted the formation of hydrogen peroxide (HP) - known to kill cells. In this case the healthy cells may have repaired the HP damage, but the cancer cells were defenseless.
I hope you’ll share this issue of Health Bytes with your family and friends. Please help us get the word out that there are promising natural alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  
The cancer treatments medical authorities don’t want you to know about...
Right now, there are cancer treatments medical authorities are trying to hide from you. They’ve been banned and kept out of your medicine cabinet by agencies designed to protect your health like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Don’t believe me?
In 1966, a senior oncologist at St Vincents Hospital in New York, developed a serum that shrank cancer tumours in 45 minutes! This life saving treatment was extremely effective, but the FDA shut him down, ignoring the research he had done and the hope he had given to many.
And decades ago, Dr Johanna Budwig, a six-time Nobel Award nominee, discovered a natural formula that not only protects against cancer, but also fights existing cancer. Dr Budwig found that two natural foods not only helped prevent cancer but in some cases actually helped heal the cancer! But when she went to publish these results she was blocked by drug manufacturers who stood to lose a lot of money. Natural substances can’t be patented and so drug companies won’t make money from them. That’s why they’re being kept from you!

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Intravenous vitamin C shown to effectively treat cancer...
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