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Instead of sitting at the hairdresser on a Saturday morning, find something else to do or you might end up with a bladder tumour…

by , 06 February 2015

You might feel that the only “me time” you're able to have is when you're sitting in the chair at the hairdresser.

Your hair appointment is all about you! You feel pampered, relaxed and beautiful afterwards.

And the longer your appointment is, the better, right?

So you make sure you get your colour retouched. Then you have a treatment before you go on to the boring part of the cut and blow-dry.

But what if this “me time” was putting you at risk of developing a bladder tumour?

Sadly, it IS!

In fact, studies say the amount of carcinogens in hair products are leaving thousands of women at risk of bladder cancer without them even knowing about it.

Read on to find out why you should find something healthier to do for “me time”…

Bladder cancer causing chemicals are hiding in the products you use to treat and colour your hair

In the past, studies showed that working as a hairdresser puts you at a significant risk of bladder cancer. And it’s because of their every day, high exposure to all the chemicals in hair products and dyes.
But now, researchers are saying sitting in the chair at the hairdresser is just as bad. Even if it is only for three hours every other month.Beware of products that can cause cancer
This because, even if your exposure to minute particles of carcinogens is infrequent, it’s still exposure which increases your cancer risk.
But surely with the changes in legislation, hair products and dyes shouldn’t contain cancer-causing agents!
The sad thing is, despite it being law, some manufacturers still add carcinogens to their products. Even if it is by accident, some chemicals react and leave your favourite products with cancerous effects.
It really may be accidental on the manufacturer’s part.
When researchers from the Lund University looked into the possibility of cancer-causing compounds in hair products, they found it wasn’t necessarily something manufacturers were putting into the products directly.
It was more a case of the chemical reactions that took place in the mixing process of various chemicals.
They form toluidines in your system and, when you have frequent exposure, they increase your cancer risk, but more specifically, your bladder cancer risk.
One of the lead authors from the University had this to say: “We believe there is some kind of contamination in the production process which we need to investigate. No-one really knows.”
And it’s happening everywhere. A study performed in the US, Turkey and Sweden showed there were still aromatic amines in almost every hair product. And these are the compounds that lead to the formation of bladder tumours!
But they’re sneaky…
They’re the ones that make hair products and dyes smell pleasant. And so you wouldn’t even realise they’re harmful because they don’t have a negative smell associated to them.
So what do you do to minimise your risk of developing a bladder tumour while still enjoying “me time”.
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Limit your exposure to cancer-causing hair products

While some studies say it’s only hairdressers, who have high and constant exposure to hair products that run the risk of bladder cancer, it’s not worth taking the chance with your own life.
So there are two things you can do to limit your exposure and lower your cancer risk:
1.    Find a hairdresser you know and trust to ban the use of cancer-causing chemicals, or find one that uses only organic products on your hair.
2.    Go natural and rather find something else to do during “me time”, like walking or finding another healthy hobby.
Whichever you choose, just make sure you’re choosing something that limits your exposure to cancer-causing chemicals!
And before we go, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to really lower your cancer risk…
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Eat more antioxidant rich foods to keep your risk of developing a bladder tumour at bay

These foods will have your body ready to fight anything that tries to invade and cause problems in your system. So be sure to add as many of them to your diet as possible!
1.    Spinach
2.    Broccoli
3.    Onions

4.    Garlic
5.    Low fat cheese
6.    Lean chicken or turkey
7.    Bok Choy
8.    Tomatoes
9.    Sweet potatoes
10. Almonds
11. Whole grains
12. Fatty fish
There you have it! The more subtle changes you make to your diet and lifestyle, the better your health will be. And the lower your risk of developing all sorts of nasty cancers!
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Instead of sitting at the hairdresser on a Saturday morning, find something else to do or you might end up with a bladder tumour…
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