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If you can't go to a braai without a beer - you're risking prostate cancer

by , 24 November 2014

South African men have made it into a top ten list around the world. But sadly, it's not something to be proud of.

It's a list of the top ten countries with the heaviest drinkers above the age of 15 and SA is number eight.

According to the World Health Organisation, 48% of South Africans above the age of 15 drink beer.

It's probably more - given our love of beers with a braai - but it's a huge amount that works out to most people drinking at least one alcoholic drink every day.

But it's not the fact that we're such big beer drinkers that we're writing to you today, it's what it's doing men!

Read on to find out why drinking beer is putting you at risk of prostate cancer…

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Your prostate cancer risk soars because of how much alcohol you drink

A study by the National Cancer Institute collected information on 294,707 men for a year. They wanted to know how much alcohol they drank and it affect on their sexual health.
More than 15,000 men developed treatable forms of prostate cancer, while 1,900 developed aggressive forms within the year of the study start.
With this information, they came to the conclusion that men who drink more than six alcoholic dinks a day have a 25% risk of developing prostate cancer. And even if you only have one or two every day, your risk is at 6% higher than non-drinkers.
It’s all because of what alcohol does to your body that increases your cancer risk…
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Men over 40 are most at risk for prostate cancer

Because men over 40 have a higher risk of prostate cancer anyway, their risk increases when adding alcohol.
When you age, your hormone production changes and testosterone levels decrease. This means your prostate cells grow and you can end up with an enlarged prostate.
This, however, isn’t always a cancerous enlargement and many men deal with an enlarged prostate without any serious health effects.
But when you drink a lot, there’s a good chance your multiplying cells will develop into cancer.
This because of the toxin alcohol contains. And it changes the DNA makeup of your cells.
So, instead of simply growing, they change too and become mutant cells, which can become cancerous.
Luckily, there’s a way to protect yourself.

Drink less to lower your alcohol-related prostate cancer risk

Simply drinking less lowers your prostate cancer risk.
And, while you don’t have to give up drinking completely, it’s essential you think about your prostate health every time you crack open a beer.
Researchers also say eating when you drink – not just watching the meat cook on the braai – can lower the amount of toxins your body absorbs.
Just be mindful of what you put in your body and how it might affect your health.
Changing your habits – like cutting back on alcohol – can be the easiest way to improve your health and lower your prostate cancer risk

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If you can't go to a braai without a beer - you're risking prostate cancer
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