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If you've turned to soy products for their health benefits, STOP! They could cause cancer…

by , 06 February 2014

99% of soy products undergo genetic modification. Yet despite, this we're lead to believe any type of soy is safe to eat! This isn't the case at all… In fact, using soy products could cause cancer! Here's what you need to know about soy products to protect your health

You’re concerned about your health, and you’re trying to improve it. That’s why you turned to soy products in the first place, right? 
But there’s evidence that these products provide little benefit to your health, and actually wreck it instead!
Unfermented soy products strip your body of your health
To reap the health benefits of soy, you need to eat fermented soy beans… But the soy milk and tofu you’ve bought off the store shelf is unfermented soy!
And it’s linked to cancer!
Soy and the link to why it causes cancer
Your body needs trypsin to break down protein. But because the enzymes that block trypsin aren’t degraded because the soy is unfermented, trypsin can’t function normally.
The result is an accumulation of protein – protein that feeds cancer cells. That’s why there’s such a  high rate of thyroid cancer amongst the Japanese. 
And that’s why you need to avoid any unfermented soy products. Yes! That includes tofu and soy milk!
There are a handful of soy products that are safe to use
Luckily, if you can’t live without soy products, you do have options. Always use fermented soy products like miso, tempeh, Natto and soy sauce (as long as it's fermented, not all are), says Dr J Mercola in the Huffington Post. 

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If you've turned to soy products for their health benefits, STOP! They could cause cancer…
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