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If you're cutting carbs to lose weight, you might be missing out on the best cancer fighting foods!

by , 10 December 2014

Whether you're following the Banting Diet or simply cutting carbs to lose weight, you need to rethink your diet for optimal health, says Prevention.com.

Not only is eating too much animal protein bad for you and it can actually CAUSE cancer, but eating too few carbs means you're missing out on some of the best cancer fighting foods.

That's right!

Not all carbs are bad for you. And that's why, we looked into the ones you SHOULD eat to ensure optimal, overall health.

Don’t skimp on the best cancer fighting foods while following a strict diet

Besides the fact that you limit your nutrient intake when you follow a diet that’s too strict, you’re likely to either fall off the wagon or start eating “forbidden” foods as soon as you finish your diet.
And that’s what appears to happen, especially when you cut out carbs.
You crave bread, chips and cookies and the second you reach your weight loss goals, you allow yourself to eat them again.
That only means one thing: You pile the weight back on in a flash.
And that on its own is a high cancer risk.
So why not eat carbs that are good for you while still losing weight and keeping your cancer risk low?

The best cancer fighting foods include root vegetables, legumes and whole-grains

The American Cancer Institute conducted a study on more than 30,000 women for more than 13-years. They followed up on their diet at regular intervals.
What they found was the women who regularly ate seven or more daily servings of root vegetables, legumes and whole-grains, had a 35% lower cancer risk than women who didn’t eat these carbs.
And there are more healthy carbs that actually help you lose weight and are great for the prevention of cancer too.
Forbes.com’s Dr Robert Glatter shares six of those:
1.    Brown rice;
2.    Bran cereal or flakes;
3.    Whole wheat or bulgar wheat pasta;
4.    Home-made or whole-grain bread;
5.    Steel cut oats; and
6.    Green leafy vegetables.

As long as these foods are in their most natural form they’re on the list of the best cancer fighting foods!
As you can see, not all carbs are bad for you. And they can actually protect your health!
The team from the Mayo Clinic agree!

Carbs have an important role in your cancer fighting diet

The Mayo Clinic says carbs do have a role in a healthy cancer fighting diet.Cutting carbs can do your health more harm than good
But it’s those with a low glycaemic index you need to eat.
This means they don’t send your blood sugar and huger hormones soaring shortly after eating them.
Besides, those filled with fibre, like most fruit and vegetables, clean out your colon and help in the prevention of cancer in your digestive system!
There you have it!
Don’t leave these top cancer-fighting foods off your healthy eating plan. Make sure you eat healthy types of carbs to keep your weight under control and your cancer risk low.
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If you're cutting carbs to lose weight, you might be missing out on the best cancer fighting foods!
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