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If you're a breast cancer survivor, this sweet treat could put a stop to bone loss

by , 13 October 2014

If you're a breast cancer patient or survivor, you may be unaware that you face increased bone loss. Even when your doctor has given you the all clear.

This is because cancer treatments such as aromatase inhibitors block the production of oestrogen - a hormone needed for bone formation but one that also promotes the growth of breast cancer. And since chemotherapy can induce early menopause, it also leads to low oestrogen levels and bone loss.

So what do you do to protect your bones during or after treatment?

Korean researchers say they've discovered a natural, sweet remedy to complement your cancer treatment and protect your bones from damage by cancer or cancer treatment.

Read all about it below...

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Liquorice root blocks tumour growth and protects your bones
In an animal study, scientists discovered that liquorice root may have the power to block your tumour growth and protect your bones from being damaged by cancer or cancer treatments.
Researchers injected mice with breast cancer cells and then treated them with an extract of roasted liquorice. The roasting process increased the amount of important compounds researchers believe are powerful cancer fighters and bone builders.
The roasted liquorice extract blocked tumour growth in the mice and helped protect their bones from damage.
Take liquorice for your cancer fighting treatment
If you’re fighting cancer, it’s time to give your body all the help it needs.
Add liquorice to your cancer-fighting treatment and give your bones what they need to stand up to cancer.
You can take liquorice in a supplement form or drink it as a tea. As a supplement take between 300mg and 400mg of deglycyrrhised liquorice root extract, 20 minutes before eating. As a tea, take 1g to 5g of dried liquorice root steeped in boiling water and drink it three times a day.
You’ll find liquorice root at Health Works, in Hyde Park. Contact them on 011 325 5168/9.

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If you're a breast cancer survivor, this sweet treat could put a stop to bone loss
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