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How to drastically reduce your risk of deadly prostate cancer over 60

by , 23 October 2017
How to drastically reduce your risk of deadly prostate cancer over 60
New research has revealed that men can dramatically reduce their risk of prostate cancer after 60 by simply following healthy habits, such as following a heathy diet, exercising vigorously and not smoking.

According to lead author Stacey Kenfield, up to 50% of lethal prostate cancer cases in the United States would be prevented if all men over 60 adopted five or more healthy habits! Kenfield is an assistant professor in the urology department at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center.

Read on for the full findings of this interesting study…

Study links following healthy habits to a dramatically reduced risk of deadly prostate cancer over 60

To reach their findings, Kenfield and her team investigated whether or not healthy habits could help protect men from aggressive types of prostate cancer. While most cases of prostate cancer don’t spread to other parts of the body and aren’t life-threatening, for some men, the disease spreads to other organs and their bones and can be deadly.
Kenfield and her team looked at data from two large-scale studies involving more than 62,000 men between 40 and 84 overall. At the start of their study, all of these men were cancer-free. The team followed these men for over 20 years.
The team gave each man one point for every healthy habit. These included a diet rich in fatty fish and lycopene-rich tomatoes, minimal intake of red meat, vigorous exercise and low body mass index (a measure used to determine if someone’s weight is healthy for their height).


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During the study, 913 of the men were diagnosed with deadly prostate cancer. However, the team noted that the men who earned five to six points by following healthy eating habits or working up a sweat had a dramatically lower risk for the disease - more specifically, a 38% lower risk in one study and a 68% lower risk in the other.
They published their findings in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Vigorous exercise has the greatest potential impact on prevention of deadly prostate cancer

 To the team’s surprise, they found that vigorous exercise had the highest potential impact on protecting against lethal prostate cancer. “We calculated the population-attributable risk for American men over 60 and estimated that 34% of lethal prostate cancer would be reduced if all men exercised to the point of sweating for at least three hours a week,” Kenfield explained.
The bottom line? If you’re over 60, adopting healthy habits can dramatically reduce your risk of deadly prostate cancer!

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How to drastically reduce your risk of deadly prostate cancer over 60
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