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How the rind of an orange can stop cancer from spreading...

by , 28 April 2020
How the rind of an orange can stop cancer from spreading...
There's a molecule in the rind of oranges that acts like an anti-adhesive for cancer cells.

It's so powerful, in one study it stopped the spread of melanoma by 90%!

Find out below how it can help cancer from spreading!

How this natural "anti-adhesive" works...  

Cancer cells have a “sticky” protein on their surface to metastasise (spread). This protein is known as galectin-3. It helps cancer cells clump together. And it also helps them stick to tissues throughout the body.

It also helps cancer cells communicate and make new blood vessels, which they need to be able to survive and grow. 

It’s no wonder that galectin-3 is a big focus for mainstream cancer research. By disarming this molecule, you can stop cancer from growing and spreading.

Scientists discovered that galectin-3 is highly attracted to a sugar molecule called galactose. And the rind of an orange contains pectin which has a lot of it.

Unfortunately it's difficult for the body to digest the beneficial molecules of orange rinds so scientists took it to the lab to produce what is known as Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP).

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When digested and absorbed by the body, MCP makes the cancer's sticky protein, galacten-3, ineffective - which means it can't clump together to form tumours, grow, or spread as well as it used to.  

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published a study on rats that showed MCP
reduced the spread of melanoma by 90 percent!

You can buy Modified Citrus Pectin from health shops.

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How the rind of an orange can stop cancer from spreading...
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