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Here's why you MUST wear sun cream, no matter what!

by , 23 February 2015

Scientists have discovered an even more important reason to wear sun cream when you're out in the sun.

And it's not just to protect you from the direct rays you expose yourself to.

Brand new research coming out of Yale University says protecting your skin cells from the sun's rays can help you lower your skin cancer risk far more than originally thought.

Here's what they found out…

Wear sun cream – your health depends on it

You know you need to wear sun cream when you’re in the sun for a long time, but do you know how important it is to wear sun cream even if you’re in the sun for just a few minutes?
The researchers from Yale University determined just how essential it is when they looked at what exactly UV light did to the skin cells of mice.
They saw what they expected when they exposed the mice to UV light without sun protection. The melanin within the specific skin cells became active.
In you and I, these melanin containing cells are the reason you turn a little browner when you spend time in the sun.
But the researchers didn’t expect to see what they did when the mice were no longer exposed to the sun.
When they checked what their melanin containing cells were doing, they were still highly active. Even though it was dark.
You might not know what this means, but we’ll tell you…
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Your risk of skin cancer is just as high when you head into the shade after a little while in the sun

The researchers kept watching what the melanin did when the mice were in the dark. And while they were in the sun, the melanin provided a degree of protection from the UV rays. But because the melanin continued to be active when the mice went into the dark, the protective effects vanished.
Instead, they became harmful!
That’s right.
The melanin cells continued to function and without the direct UV light, they because more likely to produce false DNA strands that caused mutant cells and an increased risk of cancer.
It’s a scary thought!
Imagine your skin protecting you one minute, but leaving you at risk of skin cancer the next. Especially when you think you’re at the lowest risk in the shade or dark.
So there’s only one solution. And that’s to wear sun cream to prevent any UV light from changing the melanin production within your skin.
And until researchers come up with another way to protect you from the night after skin cancer risk, get your vitamin D elsewhere.
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PS: Vitamin D is an important part of your health
Be sure to get your daily requirements of vitamin D through food or supplement without putting yourself at risk of skin cancer.
Speak to your doctor about a good quality multivitamin or vitamin D supplement.
PPS: Ask us any question you like
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Here's why you MUST wear sun cream, no matter what!
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