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Here's why the Tim Noakes diet might leave you with cancer…

by , 20 February 2015

Despite all the controversy surrounding the Banting diet and Tim Noakes jumping on board, people are still raving about it.

But on top of what experts say about this type of diet and what it does to your health in terms of high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease, there's something more shocking about what can happen to your body when you follow a high fat diet like this.

It can cause cancer…

There's a strong association between a high-fat diet and the incidence of colorectal cancer.

In fact, researchers confirm that the number of people in countries following a high fat and meat diet are at a significantly higher risk of this type of cancer than countries where they don't eat as much of it.

So it's no wonder the Cancer Research Foundation expect the numbers of colorectal cancer to increase dramatically over the next few years.

Read on to find out what the Banting diet is doing to your health…

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Colorectal cancer is already the number two killer across the globe

After skin cancer, colorectal cancer takes the number two spot for cancer related deaths across the globe.
And researchers say it’s because of the ever evolving Western diet.
People eating a diet high in fat – 40% or more calories a dat coming from fat – are at the highest risk. So just think about what following the Banting diet, which encourages you to eat about this much fat, will do to you! Especially when it comes to following it for a long time.

But remember, it's all about the types of fat you eat when you're on a diet like the Banting diet. 
Sure, you're eating the healthy types of fat like avos, nuts and coconut oil! But what about all the meat and animal fat you’re eating to ensure you're making the 40% quota?

It's this type of fat that’s likely to leave your gut health plummeting.
Here’s why…

When you cook meat and animal fat, it may cause cancer

 Watch the Banting diet, it'll leave you with cancer
A study found that when you cook meat and animal fat, it makes your body release certain compounds when you eat it.

We've told you about Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) before, and it's these that ruin your health.

It's these AGEs that causes your body to release C-reactive proteins – the marker for cancer.
Another study, performed by researchers at the Temple University, say eating food high in fat can switch on the genes that lead to cancer.
In the study, they took samples of gut tissue from people with and without colon cancer. They saw that those with cancer all had the markers for genes that switched on because of a high fat diet.
Eating high fat foods literally changes the way your body breaks foods down and processes them. The researchers suspect this is the first step in the cancer pathway.
As soon as the process of food breakdown changes, cancer polyps form in the colon and then any sugars you eat feed them.
And that’s why you need to eat a healthy, balanced diet if you’re trying to lose weight and improve your health…
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Eating enough fibre coming from grains, fruit and vegetables improves your gut health

When you eat enough fibre rich foods, it helps keep your colon cleansed and healthy.
And that includes eating fibre-rich nutrients coming from grains, fruit and vegetables, say researchers at the Temple University.
So, instead of putting your health on the line to lose weight and be slim, rather improve your overall diet. This way you can ensure you eat all round healthy foods to get the right nutrients to keep your body healthy and cancer free. 

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Here's why the Tim Noakes diet might leave you with cancer…
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