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Here's how 78-year old Allan got the “all clear” from his oncologist

by , 27 October 2014

At the age of 78, Allan Taylor found a huge lump in his stomach area.

When he went to his doctor to find out what it was, he got a reply he wasn't expecting: It was colon cancer.

His doctors said he'd have to have surgery followed by chemo - but there was no guarantee it would extend his life.

Four months later, he'd lost 23cm of his intestines and had undergone three months of chemo. Then he got more bad news…

His oncologist sent him a letter saying there was nothing more they could do and the chemo wasn't working. Even if he had more of the cancer removed, it was likely going to form somewhere else.

But he was determined no to give up and he started trawling through Internet sites after searching “colon cancer cure”.

This is what he found and the reason he's now in the “all clear”…

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Allan’s healthy diet changes have left him cancer free after 18 months

With all the relevant information he found on the Internet, he went to his local natural food store and bought a couple items with the help of the shop assistant.
One of the items on his list was barely grass. It came in a powder form and he drank it in water morning and night.
Now, barley grass is simply the young leaves plucked from normal barley and made into a powder. But it’s what it does that’s a magnificent addition to your diet to beat cancer. Allan’s almost convinced it’s one of the reasons he’s cancer-free today.
You see, cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Most of the food you eat causes your body to become too acidic and it’s the reason your body starts producing invasive cells. But barley grass changes your body’s pH to a more alkaline one and keeps the acid/base balance within more acceptable margins.
And that means cancer cells can’t grow and proliferate.
But barley grass also contains essential vitamins and minerals that help your body fight off the invasion.
Purehealingfoods.com says it contains 30 times more B vitamins and 11 times more calcium than whole milk.
It also has six times as much carotene and almost five times the amount of iron than spinach and seven times more vitamin C than oranges.
But it’s the compound that makes it so green that’s one of the real heroes in barley: Chlorophyll.
It’s a powerful antioxidant that has amazing benefits in the intestines where it cleans out toxins and improves the health of your immune system.
So how do you get your hands on it?
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Beat cancer with barley grass

Look for powdered barley grass in the health foods section of your local store or pharmacy. You can also order it online or get it in a natural health store.
And you don’t have to have cancer already to start using this natural remedy. Because of all its health benefits, there’s little reason you shouldn’t use it to prevent cancer and help your body cope with any other illnesses or ailments you might be suffering from. 

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Here's how 78-year old Allan got the “all clear” from his oncologist
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